Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1862: A Woman In Uniform

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Chapter 1862 A Woman In Uniform

Zhou Wen was alarmed when he saw the figure.

The person inside the crystal was a woman. She didn’t look young, and she had wrinkled facial skin. Her skin was thickly creased, enough to pinch an ant to death.

Looks weren’t important. The key was the clothes she was wearing. It was a very special white uniform. Zhou Wen had seen such a uniform not long ago.

It was the woman in the spherical holographic projection. The woman was wearing this uniform when she was doing the video logs of her experiments.

Could it be that this is the woman in the Sigh of the King? Is she already this old? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed.

He imagined the woman in the Sigh of the King as a god-like existence, but it turned out that she would also age and die.

On second thought, it made sense. Such a woman had lived for an unknown period of time. Calling her an old demoness was an understatement.

The woman sat cross-legged in the crystal. On careful look, one would realize that the crystal she was in was actually hollow and filled with liquid. It looked like she was frozen in the crystal, but she was actually soaking in the liquid.

However, for some reason, her body remained in stasis regardless of the tremors to the crystal.

The ship was destroyed. The instruments inside were also torn apart by the terrifying New World powers. More and more instruments revealed the crystals inside. Some crystals even shattered.

Without the protection of the ship, Zhou Wen felt the infinite rules envelop him, preventing him from moving at all.

The nine Devil pets didn’t want to kill him. They only wanted to imprison him so that they could strip Demonic Neonate from him.

Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was immediately overjoyed when it saw that Zhou Wen had been imprisoned. However, its expression changed drastically when it suddenly saw the woman in the crystal.

Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate and company also saw the woman in the crystal. Their expressions turned nasty.

“She’s still alive?” The seven voices of the Seven Sins Phoenix were filled with surprise.

“From the looks of it, even if she’s not dead, she’s about to die. She’s only human. Her lifespan is very limited.” The Devilish Trichilio Eater snorted coldly.

“Take her life while she’s down. What are we waiting for? The Devils’ fragmented situation is thanks to her. It’s time to settle this score,” Defy Bone Spirit said sinisterly.

“I’m just afraid that we aren’t her match,” said Six-path Devil Heart.

“Rubbish. If the nine of us join forces, who can match us other than the Immortal Thearch? She’s nothing!” the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed said angrily.

“That’s right. Although her origins are a little bizarre, she’s ultimately not a true powerhouse. If she hadn’t won Master’s favor and obtained some benefits, killing her would be like squashing an ant,” said the Hell’s Gatekeeper Dog

“Don’t forget where she came from. That ship and the things on her are powerful. We have to be wary,” Six-path Devil Heart said calmly.

“If those crappy things hadn’t bewitched Master, such a huge problem wouldn’t have been planted.” The Seven Sins Phoenix said coldly, “Regardless of whether she’s dead or alive, we can’t let her live in this world.”

“That’s right. I don’t care where she came from. I didn’t swallow her in the past on account of Master. I’ve long wanted to kill her.” The faces of the Devilish Trichilio Eater twisted as they stuck out their tongues to lick their lips as saliva drooled from them.

“In that case, let’s destroy her. It can be considered as avenging Master and us Devils.” Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate nodded slightly.

“That’s good.” Star Devourer also let out an ethereal voice.

“Then kill her.” Killing intent flashed in Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate’s eyes as the laws of the New World descended even more violently, grinding away the ship’s keel and crystal.

Terrifying existences like the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed also pushed their New World rules to their limits. The nine terrifying New World rules intertwined and crushed the crystal like millstones.

The extremely hard crystal shattered upon contact. After the crystal shattered, the liquid inside didn’t spill out. It maintained its cubic shape, looking magical and strange.

Under the suppression of the nine New World rules, the liquid instantly evaporated. The woman’s body was about to be crushed. Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes and looked at everything in front of her indifferently.

The nine laws crushed the woman, but they didn’t even rip her white uniform.

Zhou Wen roughly understood what was going on from their conversation.

This woman wasn’t the woman who did the experiment log that Zhou Wen had seen previously, but An Jing’s mother. However, for some reason, she was wearing this white uniform.

It was also possible that this white uniform was a uniform unique to an organization. They would have one as long as they were a member of the staff.

However, when he watched the video, the woman wasn’t wearing this white uniform while taking care of the child.

After the woman was attacked by the New World’s rules, she finally seemed to wake up. Her gaze turned sharp.

Light patterns appeared on the uniform as her body instantly soared into midair.

“You guys aren’t dead yet?” The woman swept her gaze across the terrifying existences and said in a hoarse voice.

“How can we die before you? You ungrateful traitor,” the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed cursed.

The woman said coldly, “I’m not a member of the Devils to begin with. How am I a traitor?”

“How shameless. Who saved your life when you were heavily injured? How can you say such things? How shameless.” Skyfiend Consort snorted coldly.

“We were just extracting benefits from each other. It’s not like we owed each other.” The woman sneered and said, “There’s no need to waste your breath. If you want to kill me, come at me together.”

“You aren’t worthy.” Skyfiend Consort glanced at the woman disdainfully. “If not for the clothes on you, what right do you have to spout nonsense in front of us? You would have died countless times.”

“The difference between humans and beasts is that humans know how to use tools, but beasts don’t,” the woman said slowly.

Enraged, Skyfiend Consort flew up. With a grab of her fingers, chains appeared out of thin air and crisscrossed in the void.

The woman quickly dodged, but she was unable to dodge the omnipresent chains. Soon, she was wrapped by the chains and her limbs were bound in midair.

However, no matter how hard Skyfiend Consort tried, she couldn’t tear apart the woman’s body. In the end, she failed to injure her.

A light flashed in the woman’s hand as a blade of light shot out from her uniform glove, snapping the chains that bound her.

Skyfiend Consort flew higher to continue her fight with the woman.

Zhou Wen was trapped in the New World rules and couldn’t move, but when he saw the battle between Skyfiend Consort and the woman, he found it odd.

He had always believed that An Jing’s mother was an extremely powerful existence, at least at the level of The Thearch.


However, he realized today that this woman’s realm wasn’t as high as he imagined.

Ignoring the fact that she was inferior to The Thearch, her realm was already much lower than Skyfiend Consort. However, her strength was sufficiently powerful. Furthermore, the white uniform was magical and strange, allowing her to fight Skyfiend Consort without being at a disadvantage.

How did this woman defeat The Thearch? Just by relying on that uniform? Zhou Wen was puzzled.