Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1863: Strange Uniform

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Chapter 1863 Strange Uniform

The battle between Skyfiend Consort and the woman continued. To everyone’s surprise, the woman was completely at a disadvantage at the beginning. She was beaten up by Skyfiend Consort initially, only to slowly become stronger and stronger. She began to gain the upper hand.

Skyfiend Consort’s combat habits and abilities seemed to be seen through by the woman as she was suppressed more and more.

Often, before she could attack, the woman’s attacks had already reached a spot that would be strategically most disadvantageous for her. The woman held a blade of light in each hand as she constantly moved swiftly in the air.

Although she wasn’t using instant transmission, her speed wasn’t slower than it. She forced Skyfiend Consort to retreat again and again.

A strange glint flashed in Skyfiend Consort’s eyes. Her body floated in the air as she pressed her palms together again. She closed her eyes and ignored the woman’s attack.

When the light blade slashed over, Skyfiend Consort’s body split into two, two into four, and four into eight. In the blink of an eye, Skyfiend Consort’s figure was everywhere, like countless demonesses descending into the mortal world.


The Skyfiend Consorts in various poses produced thousands of Skyfiend Chains that wrapped around the woman.

No matter how fast the woman was, she couldn’t dodge the omnipresent Skyfiend Chains. Her limbs and body were quickly entangled again. The speed at which the blade beams sliced through the Skyfiend Chains wasn’t as fast as their incoming speed.

Skyfiend Chains intertwined like gears, locking into each other seamlessly as they quickly imprisoned the woman layer by layer.

The Skyfiend Chains formed a huge chain ball. The other end was held in the hands of countless Skyfiend Consorts. The scene was like countless demonesses pulling at a black planet.

“Perish!” With her fierce but coquettish voice, the Skyfiend Chain in every Skyfiend Consorts’ hand lit up.

The white light was like burning flames. As they surged through the Skyfiend Chains to the chain ball, the entire chain ball ignited with white light.


The chain ball was like a massive hydrogen bomb exploding. The ensuing light blast seemed to illuminate the entire space.

The shockwave sent the surrounding huge mountain-like crystals tumbling in the air. Those that were closer even exploded.

Seeing the terrifying might of this strike, Zhou Wen knew very well that when Skyfiend Consort chased after him, she had scruples about Demonic Neonate and hadn’t attacked him ruthlessly. He wasn’t capable of withstanding such terrifying power at present.

If Zhou Wen were to take on this strike, he would probably be blasted to pieces.

When the blast of light dissipated, Zhou Wen’s pupils constricted. In the middle of ground zero, the woman was still floating there. Her white uniform wasn’t damaged at all. Apart from her hair being a little messy under her hat, there were no other injuries.

What the hell is that? Zhou Wen was astounded. He could also tell that the woman had relied on her uniform to survive.

But what kind of clothes could withstand such terrifying power without suffering any damage?

Even the armor formed by the Apocalypse-grade Mystic Thearch couldn’t withstand such power without injuries.

“A beast is ultimately a beast. It only knows how to use its most primitive claws and teeth,” the woman said disdainfully as she appeared in front of Skyfiend Consort like a phantom. A light blade suddenly appeared in her hand as she sliced at Skyfiend Consort’s throat.

Skyfiend Consort quickly retreated like a ghost. She passed through layers of space but failed to dodge the light blade in the woman’s hand. The light blade was close to hitting her neck

An ancient saber blocked the blade of light and shattered it. The woman’s body was lifted and she was sent flying thousands of meters away before she stabilized herself.

Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate stood in front of Skyfiend Consort with a saber in hand. He stared coldly at the woman and said, “No matter what your origins are, you have to die for betraying Master.”

As Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate spoke, he slowly raised his saber. The saber emitted a sanguine glow in the pitch-black darkness, as though it was tainted by the night and blood.

“I’ve long heard that Immortal Slaughterer Ancient Subordinate is the number one executioner of the Devil King. He has killed countless alien powerhouses. Today, I want to see if you live up to that name,” the woman said with a smile as she looked at him, unworried.

However, Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate ignored her. He only looked at the saber he held in both hands before raising them like he was performing a sacrificial ritual.

“First Slash… Life…” With the solemn voice of Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate, he slashed down at the void with both hands.

No saber beam appeared in the boundless void, but with a whoosh, the woman’s collar split open. A bloody mark appeared on her neck. Thankfully, it wasn’t deep, but it made the woman’s expression change slightly.

“Second Slash… Soul…” Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate slashed down again with an icy expression.


The hat on the woman’s head and uniform split into two as a strand of hair fell.

“Third Slash… Immortal…” Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate extended his hand and wiped the blade. A blood sacrifice was made to the blade, making it darker and even more sinister. There was no light reflecting from the blade at all.

As this saber slashed down from the void, the woman, who was rapidly darting through the sky, was suddenly thrown up on her back. Her body was constantly distorted and deformed. Tears appeared on her white uniform as blood spewed out from them. It was as though countless invisible blades were dismembering the woman.

Blood splattered across the sky. When Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate retracted his saber, the woman’s body was already covered in blood. Her white uniform was completely dyed red with blood, no longer showing any white.

“As expected of Ancient Subordinate.” Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was overjoyed.

To its surprise, just as it finished speaking, it saw the woman suddenly stand up.

The blood on the uniform seemed to be sucked into the uniform. Soon, the white uniform restored its original color. Light connected the wounds and in the blink of an eye, they returned to normal. Not even a speck of dust was left behind, much less a hole.

“Immortal Slaughtering lives up to its name. Unfortunately, I’m not an immortal. You can’t kill me.” As the woman spoke, she suddenly reached out and grabbed. A blade beam appeared in her glove again. She held the blade with both hands and slashed at the void. She shouted softly, “First Slash… Life…”


Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate was alarmed as he reached out for the back of his neck. His hand was covered in blood, and a bone-deep gash had appeared on his neck. His bones had nearly been snapped.

“Second Slash… Soul…” The woman slashed again.

However, the blade beam failed to land. A figure appeared in a dream-like state as it slammed into her body and instantly vanished. The woman’s hands that were holding the blade beam froze there, unable to slash any further.

“You are only relying on this strange set of clothes. Now that you are me, how can you resist my strength?” The woman’s mouth produced the voice of the Six-path Devil Heart as she reached out to undress as though she was about to take off the white uniform.