Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1864: Escape

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Chapter 1864 Escape

“Discovered psyche invasion. Beginning elimination…” The white uniform suddenly emitted an electronic voice. Then, light threads appeared on the uniform and stabbed into the woman’s body.

It was impossible to tell if there were any light threads inside the uniform. The woman’s exposed face had light threads stabbing into it like extremely thin infusion tubes. Strange light seemed to be injected into her body.


Six-path Devil Heart bounced out of the woman’s body with an ugly expression. Strange threads of light swam through his body.

Just as Six-path Devil Heart wanted to remove the threads of light from his body, the woman had already arrived in front of him and slashed at him.

Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate brandished his saber and slashed over, blocking the woman’s blade beam and saving Six-path Devil Heart.

Seven Sins Phoenix spewed out Rainbow Divine Light that shone on the woman. Hell’s Gatekeeper Dog opened its mouth and was about to swallow the woman when Devilish Trichilio Eater threw a slap.

The nine Devil pets joined forces to attack the woman. It was different from when they attacked Zhou Wen. This time, they were serious.

The woman dodged Ancient Subordinate’s saber and was illuminated by the Rainbow Divine Light. The white uniform transformed into a strange mirror that reflected the Rainbow Divine Light at the Hell Gatekeeper Dog, scaring it into retreating.

Devilish Trichilio Eater slapped the woman and the mouth on its palm swallowed her. Their gear-like teeth bit down.


A bloody hole appeared on the back of Devilish Trichilio Eater’s hand. The woman tore out, but she was sucked in by the black hole-like Star Devourer.

After a while, Star Devourer’s body suddenly trembled violently. White light surged out from the black hole as the woman broke free again.

Zhou Wen was dumbfounded. The strength of the nine Devil pets left a deep impression on him, but the woman’s uniform left a deeper impression on him.

It wasn’t just the uniform. The woman was also very strange.

Her body was clearly not something ordinary humans could compare with. She wasn’t inferior to even Apocalypse-grade creatures, but her consciousness and realm were too low. It was so low that Zhou Wen suspected that she was just an ordinary person who had never cultivated.

The reason she could fight the nine Devil pets was because of the white uniform that seemed to have a life and intelligence of its own.

But could the body of an ordinary human be comparable to an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse? Anyway, it was impossible for humans on Earth to have such a body.

An Jing’s parents and Sigh of the King come from a world with humans. Furthermore, could the humans in that world have bodies that aren’t inferior to Apocalypse-grade creatures? Then why is An Jing so weak? Isn’t she also a human from that world? The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more puzzled he became.

Zhou Wen had another thought. There’s something wrong with An Jing’s body to begin with. The reason An Jing’s mother came to this world and did so many things was to make An Jing’s body recover. What’s wrong with An Jing’s body? Why did she have to come to our world to make her recover? Their world looks much stronger than ours. Be it technology or human physique, they are stronger than ours. Then why did she come here and not treat her there?

Zhou Wen felt that there were two possibilities. One was that An Jing’s problem couldn’t be resolved in that world. The other possibility was that An Jing’s mother was only a relatively ordinary person in that world. She didn’t have the ability to treat her daughter in that world, and this world happened to have something that could treat An Jing.

Zhou Wen was more inclined to the latter. He even suspected that the huge ship and the white uniform on An Jing’s mother were obtained by An Jing’s mother through some unknown method from the woman who created the Lost Immortal Sutra. It was even possible that it had been stolen.

If the two of them had a good relationship and the woman lent the ship and uniform to An Jing’s mother, what about the experiment logs?

How could she lend something like that to An Jing’s mother? If it was really something borrowed, An Jing’s mother probably wouldn’t have overwritten the experiment logs.

The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more he felt that there was something amiss. Now, he was certain that the Lost Immortal Sutra wasn’t meant for humans in this world to cultivate. It was no wonder no one had mastered it before.

If the humans in that world were born with physiques comparable to the Apocalypse grade, the humans here would be courting death if they practiced the cultivation techniques there.

The crazy battle continued. The entire space was filled with distorted space and shattered crystals.

The world seemed to become abstract. If such a battle happened on Earth, Earth would probably have been blasted apart countless times.

I definitely can’t let these fellows go to Earth, Zhou Wen thought to himself.

The nine Devil pets fought the woman with all their might. They no longer had the strength to care about Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen gathered his strength and tore apart the New World rules that trapped him. He planned on escaping first.

Before he could escape, a terrifying force swept over and struck Zhou Wen’s body, sending him flying.

Zhou Wen’s body flew hundreds of kilometers in the air like a pellet as he spat out blood. He was extremely depressed. If I were to be accidentally injured a few more times, I would probably die.



Just as he thought about it, his body was struck by another force and sent flying again.

Zhou Wen hadn’t broken free and couldn’t move his body. He was sent flying an unknown distance by the force before he slammed into something and stopped.

Zhou Wen calmed the churning blood in him before realizing that he had slammed into the Hell Gatekeeper Dog. Its body was covered in wounds as black blood constantly flowed out. One of its eyes was blind, making it look extremely pathetic.

Hell Gatekeeper Dog also discovered Zhou Wen. Just as it extended its claws to grab him, it suddenly saw a blade beam slash at Zhou Wen.

Hell Gatekeeper Dog suddenly turned around and brandished its sharp claws at the light blade. Nomological forces transformed into claw beams that collided with the light blade.

Hell Gatekeeper Dog let out a tragic cry as its claws were sliced off by the blade beam. Blood spewed out.

As Hell Gatekeeper Dog cried out in pain, it swept its tail and sent Zhou Wen flying, allowing him to dodge the blade beam that continued slashing forward.

Zhou Wen tumbled as he flew out. After being repeatedly struck, the rules of the New World around him weakened significantly as he finally rushed out.

Looking at the battle between the Devil pets and An Jing’s mother, Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss as to which side to help.

The Devil pets weren’t anything good, but An Jing’s mother was also an extremely dangerous person. For An Jing, she almost wanted to destroy Earth. Who knew what crazy things she would do in the future?

If she knew that An Jing had been removed ahead of time and hadn’t been able to absorb all the energy on Earth, who knew if she would do it again.

If he didn’t help anyone and couldn’t leave this godforsaken place, he would ultimately be the one to suffer no matter which side


Let’s wait and see. Zhou Wen was just about to sit back and see if he could reap the benefits when he suddenly saw a flash in front of him. An Jing’s mother had appeared in front of him.

The blade of light in her hand slashed at Zhou Wen’s neck.