Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1868: Combat Suit

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Chapter 1868 Combat Suit

When the woman saw Zhou Wen stand in front of her, her eyes immediately burned with killing intent.

The reason she was in a passive position was that she was trapped by the staircase and couldn’t touch him.

But now, Zhou Wen was right in front of her, inches away. The anger and humiliation in her heart had reached an extreme. The energy in her combat suit erupted as the blade of light in her hand transformed into a stream that slashed at Zhou Wen’s waist.

Faced with this slash, Zhou Wen abandoned the Human Sovereign Stone Saber and took a step forward. Instead, he approached the woman and grabbed her with one hand.

The woman’s blade beam that slashed at Zhou Wen’s waist stopped. Not only did it not slash down, but it was also repelled.

Zhou Wen approached the woman and blocked her wrist with his palm. At such a close distance, the woman’s blade beam couldn’t slash down.

“You are very strong. Unfortunately, you don’t have the ability to control these powers,” Zhou Wen said as his entire body moved.

At this virtually-zero distance, Zhou Wen’s entire body transformed into a lethal weapon. His fingers, palm, fist, elbow, knee, crotch, leg, foot, shoulder—anywhere could produce shocking strength.

The woman’s strength stemmed from the combat suit, as well as the combat analysis and calculation ability it gave her.

However, this distance was too close. Before the woman could understand the combat suit’s analysis, Zhou Wen had already delivered multiple attacks.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Zhou Wen’s attacks rained down on the woman like a storm, rendering her unable to counterattack.

The woman flailed her arms with all her might, hoping to counterattack, but her attacks were blocked by Zhou Wen. She couldn’t injure him at all. Zhou Wen could move freely on the steps unlike the woman.

In an instant, the woman’s body and head suffered countless blows. Thankfully, the combat suit’s defense and her body were strong enough to withstand the attacks.

Despite burning with rage, the woman could only suffer the beating. She had strength, but it was useless.

Boom! The combat suit emitted a glow as the woman activated the light hole-like ability again. This ability came from the combat suit. It was different from the abilities of this world, so the staircase couldn’t restrict it.

The woman had refrained from using this ability because it expended a lot of the combat suit’s energy. When she used it previously, she had already expended most of the energy that the combat suit had painstakingly charged up. If she used it again, the combat suit’s energy would probably be exhausted.

Seeing the halo spin faster and faster around the woman and about to turn into a hole of light, Zhou Wen only took a step back with a sneer and unsummoned Demonic Neonate.

The light hole took form and sucked everything nearby into it. It was a force even the nine Devil pets couldn’t resist.

Zhou Wen, who was inches away, didn’t seem to react at all. He stood there and looked coldly at the woman.

He didn’t use In the Human World to resist the suction force of the light hole. Instead, he completely removed the power to resist the taboo, causing his body to be affected by the staircase and be nailed to the last stone step.

He could sense the powerful suction force of the light hole. At the same time, the power of the staircase pinned him motionless. Two terrifying forces constantly pulled at Zhou Wen’s body.

This was a clash between the powers of two worlds. It no longer had much to do with Zhou Wen himself. He only used his own strength to ingeniously connect the two powers.


The current situation was like two strongmen doing a tug-of-war, and Zhou Wen was the rope.

Is the power of that world stronger or the power of this world stronger? Let’s decide the victor here. Zhou Wen looked at the woman. He had already guessed that the woman’s ability would definitely expend a lot of energy. Otherwise, she would have used it again after the initial beating.

Zhou Wen only needed to use the power of the staircase to expend all her energy to win.

Without the help of the combat suit, the woman was nothing. At the very least, in the field of combat, the woman was nothing.

The woman clearly realized the problem, but the light hole had already been activated. Even if she stopped the light hole now, the energy in her combat suit would be depleted.

The woman knew that she had no choice. This was her final gamble. It was life or death.

She never expected to be forced into such a state by a human. Ever since she came to this world, she had never suffered such a huge loss.

Perhaps it was because she had stayed in this world for too long that she felt a sense of superiority in this world. She felt that she was a higher-level creature. The creatures in this world were just a group of uncivilized primitives or even beasts.

Having been forced to this point, the woman gradually recalled who she was.

She was just an ordinary mother. In that world, she was just an ordinary woman. What gave her the right to look down on other humans?

Only as a mother could she complete the tremendous feat in order to give her daughter a chance of survival. Although she had caused a terrible disaster and never dared to return to that world again, she had no regrets.

I haven’t seen my daughter yet. I can’t die. The woman looked at Zhou Wen with an increasingly determined expression.

In the next moment, the woman did something shocking. The combat suit on her body suddenly peeled off.

The combat suit cracked open without any warning. It peeled off the woman’s body and enveloped Zhou Wen.

The woman was only left with a set of white tights. There were wounds everywhere from Zhou Wen’s slashes, and many of the wounds were still bleeding.

However, the woman’s eyes were filled with smugness because she knew that she was about to win. Zhou Wen was doomed.

She had stolen this combat suit from someone she could only look up to for the rest of her life.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had obtained the activation passcode for it, she would never have the right to come into contact with such a combat suit.

The woman already knew through the manual the consequences of gaining illegal access to the combat suit.

If someone illegally wore the combat suit, it would immediately activate the emergency invasive mode. It would use the hidden energy in the combat suit to completely eliminate the person who wore it by force.

This was something created by the god-like woman. How could the people of this world withstand it?

The moment Zhou Wen was enveloped by the combat suit, the woman knew that he was doomed.

Although losing her combat suit greatly weakened her combat strength in this world, she could only barely be considered at the Apocalypse grade with her own body.

However, as long as she could live, she didn’t care about any of this. All she wanted now was to see her daughter.

The combat suit enveloped Zhou Wen’s body and instantly, it clung tightly to him. The cracks vanished.

White patterns of light appeared on the combat suit as the light became brighter and brighter. It made Zhou Wen look like a humanoid object condensed from white light, or a nuclear reactor that could explode at any moment.

Zhou Wen was alarmed. He wanted to tear the combat suit apart, but he couldn’t.

“Die!” The woman looked coldly at Zhou Wen, waiting for him to be eliminated by the combat suit.