Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1869: Successful Matching

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Chapter 1869 Successful Matching

Zhou Wen felt that the uniform that enveloped his body was nurturing terrifying energy as though it would explode at any moment.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t tear off his clothes.

There was clearly a crack previously, but he couldn’t find it no matter how hard he tried.

Just as he was reeling in shock, he suddenly heard a voice in his mind.

“System matching, successful. Combat suit connection, successful. Energy source matching, successful. Combat suit system fully activated… Charging… Repairing…”

After the voice came to an end, Zhou Wen immediately felt the Lost Immortal Sutra in his body circulate crazily as the energy in his body flowed into the combat suit.

Light threads appeared over the cracks in the previously damaged combat suit. The light threads intertwined and quickly repaired the cracks, leaving not a single mark.

Instantly, Zhou Wen felt that his body was about to be drained. He hurriedly spread out the six wings on his back and activated the Sin of All Life. Energy surged into Zhou Wen’s body.

The woman looked at him in surprise as her eyes gradually widened in disbelief.

How… How can he activate the combat suit… This is impossible… The woman couldn’t accept that the humans of this world could activate the combat suit.

The combat suit didn’t belong to this world at all, nor could it be activated by the humans of this world.

This had nothing to do with one’s strength; the system was completely different.

This was like a person from a world of technology picking up an immortal cultivator’s flying sword and managed to fly with it. How could that happen?

However, the combat suit had clearly been activated. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to self-repair.

Instantly, the woman thought of a possibility, but this possibility made her find it even more impossible.

Could it be that he… has mastered the Lost Immortal Sutra… That’s impossible… The woman repeatedly denied her thoughts.

Back then, she had stolen some experimental objects from the god-like existence—the Experimenter and some experimental objects on board.

Apart from the combat suit, cell phone, and phone accessories, there was also the Lost Immortal Sutra and something that could allow her to return from this world.

She had deliberately stolen the other items. The combat suit was something she needed. Without the combat suit, she couldn’t dig out the Earth Companion Egg, nor could she let her daughter replace Earth’s Companion Egg, much less snatch the essence of the Devil King’s Child of Dimension.

The phone and accessories were prepared for her daughter. With the phone and accessories, her daughter could quickly grow in this world after she was born.

However, being able to obtain Lost Immortal Sutra exceeded her expectations. This was because the Lost Immortal Sutra had been beside the phone when she stole it.

Back then, the woman couldn’t believe her luck. Lost Immortal Sutra was a cultivation technique cultivated by that godlike existence.

It was also a famous cultivation technique in that world.

The woman was thrilled to obtain it. Later, after she entered this world on the Experimenter, she tried cultivating it but met with failure. This left her very disappointed.

The woman originally wanted to leave the Lost Immortal Sutra and phone to her daughter, hoping that she could cultivate it in the future.

However, an accident happened. She imagined that no one in this world could match her after her successful instigation of all the races to eliminate the Devil King.

Just as she was about to implement her plan to become the lord of the dimension, her plan was ruined by the Immortal Thearch. She was nearly killed by her.

Although she ultimately defeated the Immortal Thearch with her fully charged combat suit, she was still severely injured. Furthermore, the combat suit’s energy was completely exhausted. She had no choice but to hide in the charging chamber to recuperate.

Back then, the phone and some other things had been lost in that battle, including the Lost Immortal Sutra. Even the Earth Companion Egg she had dug out and planned on giving to her daughter was gone.

The woman didn’t have the time to search for it. All she could do was wait for the day she was reborn.

Thankfully, she had made a bet after defeating the Immortal Thearch. She got the Immortal Emperor to help her guard Chess Mountain to prevent her daughter from being disturbed and allow her to successfully grow to the day she was born.

Now, it was suspected that someone had mastered the Lost Immortal Sutra. How could she believe it?

As a person from a high-level world, she couldn’t master it. She couldn’t accept that a person from a low-level world could master


However, the truth was right before her eyes. The woman had no choice but to accept it. The human in front of her had indeed mastered the Lost Immortal Sutra.

The energy in the woman’s body flowed uncontrollably towards Zhou Wen. Without the protection of the combat suit, she couldn’t withstand the power of Sin of All Life.

The woman gritted her teeth and walked forward, hoping to complete the final step and pass Zhou Wen to ascend Destiny Platform.

She didn’t know the purpose of the Destiny Platform, but she had to do something. Otherwise, once Zhou Wen completely controlled the combat suit, she probably wouldn’t stand a chance of survival.

Ignoring the fact that Zhou Wen now possessed the combat suit, even if he didn’t have one, the woman knew that she wasn’t his match.

However, without the help of the combat suit, although her physique was strong, she felt like she was carrying a mountain on the staircase.

The woman walked up a step with great difficulty. As long as she walked past Zhou Wen, she could reach Destiny Platform with one final step.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t lift her leg. She couldn’t take the final step.

To ascend the Destiny Platform, one didn’t just rely on strength. One’s willpower and realm were also very important.

The woman’s willpower wasn’t weak, but her realm was much weaker. She couldn’t raise her foot for this final step no matter what.

The stone steps were about to finish falling. They were closing in on the last step where the woman and Zhou Wen were standing.

I definitely can’t go back… I definitely can’t… The woman thought of her girl. She didn’t know where she found the strength to step onto Destiny Platform before the stone steps fell.

The moment the woman stood on the Destiny Platform, the last stone step fell, taking Zhou Wen down with it.

On the Destiny Platform, infinite energy gathered and surged towards the woman’s body.

When the woman felt the infinite energy surge into her body, she was immediately pleasantly surprised-one that exceeded her expectations.

With such terrifying energy injected into her body, she could use this power to advance further. She might even have a chance of becoming a true powerhouse.

Zhou Wen fell with the stone steps, hoping to use his strength to escape the suppression of the staircase’s rules. He didn’t wish to enter the bottom of the dimensional space again.

However, almost all the energy in his body had been drained by the combat suit. Sin of All Life could absorb energy as fast as the combat suit. How could he have the ability to use those powers to remove the restrictions of the staircase?

Just as he was feeling depressed, he suddenly heard the combat suit’s voice in his mind. “Energy source discovered. It can be converted and absorbed. Do you want to head to the energy source to convert and absorb energy?”

“Yes.” Zhou Wen made his choice without any hesitation.

The combat suit was magical. It could understand Zhou Wen’s words.

In the next second, he felt the combat suit erupt with terrifying energy. Light patterns surged across the combat suit, propelling his body away from the stone steps and flying towards Destiny Platform.

The energy that erupted from the combat suit was even stronger than when it was on the woman. Even the rules of the staircase couldn’t completely restrain it.

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