Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1870 - Master-Disciple Battle

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Chapter 1870 Master-Disciple Battle

The woman was crazily absorbing energy when she suddenly felt most of the energy that surged into her body decrease.

The woman looked up and couldn’t help but be stunned. She saw Zhou Wen floating on Destiny Platform in the combat suit. The energy that was surging towards her was now surging towards the combat suit.

The combat suit had absorbed terrifying amounts of energy. Not only was the damage from before rapidly healing, but it was also rapidly being charged.

The woman was alarmed and furious. She instantly felt utmost regret. Not only had she given away the combat suit, but even the opportunity that belonged to her had been snatched away.

The woman leaped up angrily and punched the combat suit.

The combat suit only rippled with light patterns without being dealt any damage. Her attacks were completely useless against it.

Unwilling to give up, the woman repeatedly smashed at the combat suit, but it was to no avail.


A light pattern flashed on the combat suit as the woman’s body was sent flying and she fell off the Destiny Platform.

Boundless energy surged towards the combat suit. Zhou Wen could sense that the energy in the combat suit was becoming stronger.

“Charging combat suit… 2%… 7%… 10%… 16%…”

The energy reserves of the combat suit constantly increased, but the woman could only watch helplessly as the energy was snatched away by the combat suit as she fell into the bottomless abyss.

Zhou Wen had previously seen how terrifying the energy of the Destiny Platform was. It could allow ordinary creatures to advance to the Apocalypse grade, but such terrifying energy only charged the combat suit to 19%.

The energy on the Destiny Platform gradually vanished and didn’t descend upon him again. It ultimately ended with a 19% charge.

The Cube’s scene vanished at this point and turned into the rankings. However, there wasn’t any additional ranking on the board. There were only the people who had been on the rankings previously.

“What’s going on?” Everyone was confused.

The woman and Human Sovereign had ascended the Destiny Platform, but why weren’t their names on the rankings? This was somewhat strange.

Even if the woman was knocked off the Destiny Platform, Human Sovereign’s name should have appeared. However, his name was missing

Zhou Wen flew down, hoping to grab the woman and get to the bottom of the truth.

The woman plummeted. It looked like she was about to fall to the bottom of the Dimensional Airspace again.

Zhou Wen was just about to chase after her and stop her when he suddenly saw a figure flash.

A man in white clothes with crystal-like dragon horns on his head appeared beside the woman. He reached out and grabbed her shoulder, immediately stopping her from falling

Zhou Wen flew to the man who was pressing down on the woman with one hand, preventing her from escaping. He frowned and said, “What are you trying to do?”

“You don’t even call me teacher anymore?” Wang Mingyuan held down the woman with one hand and sighed at Zhou Wen.

“My teacher died when he plotted to kill Zhong Ziya and Jiang Yan,” Zhou Wen said coldly.

“This world isn’t a fairytale world. You have to learn to accept reality.” Wang Mingyuan sighed.

“If I’m as numb as a rock, I might as well die.” Zhou Wen looked at the woman restrained by Wang Mingyuan and said, “Let her go.”

“What if I say no? Are you going to kill me?” Wang Mingyuan said with a smile.

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as he pulled out the Human Sovereign Stone Saber and aimed it at Wang Mingyuan.

This woman was the key to solving all the mysteries. No matter what, he couldn’t let her fall into Wang Mingyuan’s hands.

“Fine by me; let me see what you’ve learned over the years,” Wang Mingyuan said with a smile as he floated in the air and held the woman down with one hand.

Zhou Wen didn’t waste his breath. The Human Sovereign Stone Saber in his hand tore through the void and instantly slashed in front of Wang Mingyuan. The light patterns on the combat suit surged, raising Zhou Wen’s Strength and Speed. The might of this strike was no weaker than the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s strength.

Wang Mingyuan waved his hand and flicked the side of Human Sovereign’s stone saber, causing it to deviate from its trajectory.

Following the force of Wang Mingyuan’s flick, Zhou Wen spun the Human Sovereign Stone Saber in his hand and drew an arc as he slashed at Wang Mingyuan even faster and more ruthlessly.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Every time Zhou Wen’s saber approached Wang Mingyuan, the blade would be deflected by him. As for Zhou Wen, he would use the momentum of the deflected trajectory to slash at him again.

One strike after another, the strength and speed of the saber became faster and faster.

This was no longer a simple battle. The strength of the two of them constantly snowballed on Human Sovereign Stone Saber. The power on the saber had already reached a horrendous level.

If one didn’t control their strength well, they would suffer a backlash from the duo’s combined strength accumulated on the saber.

“Your techniques are sublime, but it’s still a little lacking. You haven’t completely realized their full potential,” Wang Mingyuan said slowly as he flicked away the Human Sovereign Stone Saber again.

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as he slashed the Human Sovereign Stone Saber over.

“Fuse with the Heavenly Dao and understand the will of the heavens. What you want is to let nature take its course. It’s not natural enough. You have to focus on realizing the general trend and not waste your time on the details,” Wang Mingyuan said as he repelled the Human Sovereign Stone Saber again while fighting Zhou Wen.

“What’s the general trend?” Zhou Wen finally spoke, but the saber in his hand didn’t stop.

“It’s cold in early spring. It might prompt one to buy warm clothing without realizing that it’s winter’s last hurrah. The coming summer is the general trend,” Wang Mingyuan said.

“I don’t know when summer will come. I’ll buy warm clothing for tonight’s cold because the present is all that I know,” Zhou Wen said.

“You are a child. You can be willful,” Wang Mingyuan said with a smile.

“The willful ones might not be all children. Some elders are even more willful.”

The two of them pointed their sabers at each other, but their mouths weren’t idle.

The power on the saber grew stronger and stronger, almost to the point of losing control.

Suddenly, Zhou Wen retracted his saber and took a step back. He held the hilt in one hand and pressed the back of the saber with the other. The blade kept trembling due to the terrifying power.

The terrifying power was suppressed by Zhou Wen’s palm as it gradually dissipated.

“When one was trying to control the floods by blocking the source of water, that only met with failure. His son used the method of diverting water to resolve the floods. Don’t you understand that the principle of diverting water is better than blocking it?” Wang Mingyuan sighed as he looked at Zhou Wen’s actions.

“I’ve never been a smart person. You should have known this very well when you taught me back then.” Zhou Wen completely dispelled the power on the saber as he held the hilt of the Human Sovereign Stone Saber with both hands and slowly raised it above his head.


“That’s true. Back then, when I got the few of you to pull the Dragon Lock Chain, you were the most inflexible one.” Wang Mingyuan seemed to recall the past as a smile appeared on his lips.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” Zhou Wen remarked.

“Child, this world isn’t as simple as black and white.” Wang Mingyuan sighed.

“Black is black. White is white. If you can’t tell black from white, it’s because you can’t see the essence at its core.” Zhou Wen had already raised the Human Sovereign Stone Saber above his head and stared at Wang Mingyuan. He slowly said, “Now, let go of her.”

“Sorry, I can’t do as you wish,” Wang Mingyuan answered indifferently.

Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else as he slashed down with the Human Sovereign Stone Saber. Terrifying power condensed into a blade that tore through space and slashed at Wang Mingyuan.

Wang Mingyuan’s expression froze slightly as a sword flew out of his sleeve and flew towards Zhou Wen’s Human Sovereign Stone Saber.

That sword was none other than the Immortal Culling Sword that Zhou Wen often used.

When the saber and sword clashed, a shockwave that spanned thousands of kilometers reverberated. Thankfully, there was nothing in the Dimensional Airspace. Otherwise, everything would have been destroyed.

Wang Mingyuan revealed a look of surprise. The Immortal Culling Sword in his hand had been struck away by Zhou Wen’s strike. It deviated to the side as the Human Sovereign Stone Saber continued slashing at Wang Mingyuan.

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