Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1874: Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign

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Chapter 1874 Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign

The energy that crazily surged into his body was circulated by Zhou Wen via the Lost Immortal Sutra.

He had already tried many times in the past. He didn’t wish to transform his body into the most perfect state, nor did he wish to erase his personality.

It was precisely because it wasn’t perfect that it gave life its myriad colors. If everyone cultivated according to the most perfect ratio and the most perfect personality, what was the difference between them and robots? They might as well create a perfect robot body and inject their souls into it. What was the point of cultivation?

Zhou Wen didn’t wish for absolute perfection. He only hoped that he could constantly surpass himself in a certain aspect. But previously, Zhou Wen had repeatedly met with failure.

It was just like a student who was good in one subject but bad in others. No matter how good he was in that single subject, it was still difficult for him to get into an ideal university after failing all the other subjects.

This described Zhou Wen’s present situation. He wanted to use all his energy to strengthen a certain portion and not strengthen everything

However, the outcome of doing so was that other than that portion, the other aspects of the body couldn’t meet the requirements to advance to the Apocalypse grade. This resulted in repeated failures.

However, seeing Wang Mingyuan’s No-Rules and combat suit’s Cosmic mode suddenly inspired Zhou Wen.

Since there was no way to advance to the Apocalypse grade in such a manner, could he bypass the rules of advancement and use a new method to advance to the Apocalypse


Apocalypse was the rule of this world, and in another world, there was no such thing as an Apocalypse. For example, An Jing’s mother was born with an Apocalypse-grade body. Advancing to the Apocalypse grade wasn’t even a problem they faced.

Ancient Sovereign Sutra. Demon God Bloodline Catalog. Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. Godfiend Era. Qi Refinement Art. Dao Sutra. Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping Art. First Order of Chaos. Eight strange energies constantly changed over Zhou Wen’s body.

If he followed the normal path of advancement, Zhou Wen’s body would be transformed into the most perfect state by the Lost Immortal Sutra. All his personality would be wiped out, and these eight powers naturally wouldn’t exist.

It couldn’t be said that they wouldn’t exist, but that it would be pointless differentiating them.

For example, some athletes were good at speed, some were good at strength, and others were good at technique. For the Lost Immortal Sutra, it allowed a person to have everything-strength, speed, and technique. Was there a need to separate the competitions?

However, from Zhou Wen’s point of view, being strong in everything meant that he wasn’t strong in anything. Without a comparison, there wouldn’t be a better or worse.

What he needed to do now was to retain his personality and also preserve the possibility of advancing further.

Zhou Wen’s strength rose as it transformed into a corporeal body behind him. The figure was like a transparent figure of light that constantly changed its form and aura.

The figure was like a Qi Refinement Warrior as the aura in the body constantly evolved. It guided the aura in his body to change, demonstrating the profundity of the Qi Refinement Art layer by layer.

Among the people watching the Cube’s screen, there were many people who practiced Essence Energy Arts related to Qi Refinement. When they saw the transformation of the figure, all of them felt as though they had obtained a treasure. They found the answer to many questions in their hearts.

“So this is what Qi Refinement is like… Controlling Qi with thoughts… I’ve figured it


“A sword beam is akin to a rainbow… One strike travels 15,000 kilometers… I finally understand…”

“A formidable aura… I finally understand…”

The humans who cultivated arduously, be it the big shots who were about to break through their limits or ordinary cultivators, obtained a lot of inspiration and understanding from the light behind Zhou Wen. Many people immediately broke through the shackles that had been troubling them for a long time.

After the Qi Refinement Art, the figure transformed into the Hell King form of Small Perfection of Wisdom as it constantly evolved.

“Amitabha… Buddha is compassionate… I’ve been given such great fortune in my lifetime…” A monk stood in the snow and looked at the scene in the Cube. His eyebrows drooped as a Buddhistic glow gradually rose from his body.

Everyone who practiced Buddhism in the human world was enlightened. Instantly, countless humans broke through their realms.

After the Small Perfection of Wisdom, the figure transformed into a demon god. Demonic aura blotted out the sky as it constantly changed its various stances. It shed its demon body layer by layer, transforming from a demon to a god before finally achieving greatness.

When humans who cultivated the Demon Essence Energy Art saw this scene, even the ancestors of the aristocratic families suddenly shed their wrinkled old skins. They broke out of their cocoons and were reborn. Their rejuvenated bodies walked out of their old skins.

“What I’ve gained can’t be paid back. This technique is like a teacher. You deserve my bow.” A patriarch resembling a youth genuflected at the Cube.

The moment the Dao Sutra was used, thousands of ascetic cultivators broke through. Purple light surged into the sky from the Zhang family of Mount Dragon Tiger. One Daoist after another, who had been bottlenecked for countless years, suddenly had purple gas surge from their bodies as purple lotus flowers bloomed above their heads.

In the remote mountains and lakes, there were people who cultivated arduously only to comprehend the Great Dao in one day.

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A person stood above the mountains and seas. The aura of the Great Dao on his body was as majestic as the sea, causing the sea to recede. Dark clouds covered the sky as lightning struck down and struck the person.

The person’s body was struck by the lightning, but he remained unharmed. Instead, his entire body became brighter and brighter as though he had been tempered by lightning

“I’ve figured out… my Dao…” The person looked up at the sky and spread out his arms to welcome the baptism of the lightning.

The light behind Zhou Wen constantly changed, almost covering all sorts of different Essence Energy Arts. Anyone who saw this would more or less gain some insight.

The entire human world had their realms increased by a level or two on this day.

The eighth one regarding the transformation into Human Sovereign’s body was a variation in Essence Energy that very few people could comprehend.

The world only knew the way of a King and Overlord, but they didn’t know the way of the Sovereign-a self-sacrificial belief. In the presidential palace, Hui Haifeng stared at the figure that had transformed into Human Sovereign as though in thought.

The light behind Zhou Wen froze in its Human Sovereign form. However, above the Human Sovereign figure, strange figures appeared. Seven different types overlapped and fused into the Human Sovereign figure, gradually becoming one with it.

The figure was like a god or devil, a saint or demon, a ghost or immortal, a king or heaven. A terrifying aura constantly evolved in his body, turning into a pure beam of light that illuminated a world.



The energy in the Destiny Platform had already stopped surging. Zhou Wen looked at his stats with an odd expression. Behind the New World column were the words ‘Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign.’

He had clearly used the power of the Destiny Platform to condense a New World. Why was his level still at the Calamity grade and not the Apocalypse grade? Could it be that this situation happened because I took a detour and didn’t use my body as a foundation to forge a New World? Zhou Wen wore a complicated expression, unsure if this situation was good or bad.