Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1875: Woman’s Memories

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Chapter 1875 Woman’s Memories

The Cube’s screen switched to the rankings. The name ‘Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’ appeared on the rankings, ranked at the bottom.

Now, everyone realized that the Cube’s rankings were arranged according to the order of ascension. It had nothing to do with strength.

“With such a ranking, wouldn’t the first person to ascend gain a huge advantage?”

“What’s going on? Whoever gets first place will be first. Is there any meaning to such a ranking?”

“Don’t make hasty conclusions. There must be something amiss. I think there’s definitely a follow-up to this ranking. It’s impossible for it to end just like that.”

Everyone discussed spiritedly, feeling that such a ranking was too unfair.

Zhou Wen put on the combat suit again. The woman stood on Destiny Platform and didn’t escape again.

She already knew that she had no chance of escaping in front of these two humans. She could only hope that they suffered an deadly outcome before she had a chance of survival.

Wang Mingyuan looked at Zhou Wen from midair. The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign stood in midair above Zhou Wen and faced him. One was a transparent cosmic body with billions of stars, while the other was formed from pure light.

Terrifying power constantly appeared out of thin air between the two, like a cosmic storm. Just the energy produced from the confrontation was enough to destroy a planet.

Wang Mingyuan stared at the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign for a moment before turning his gaze to Zhou Wen and the woman. After a long while, he sighed and said, “You have already reached the Destiny Platform. There’s no room for negotiation. Forget it. Take her away. We’ll settle this on the day of Destiny.”

With that said, Wang Mingyuan took a step forward, tearing open a spatial rift in the Dimensional Airspace as he stepped into it and vanished.

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback as the woman’s expression changed drastically.

She originally wished for an internecine outcome between Zhou Wen and Wang Mingyuan, but she never expected the latter to retreat.

Zhou Wen looked at the woman and said coldly, “If you want to live, answer my questions. It’s best you don’t disappoint me.”

“What do you want to know?” the woman sighed.

“Where are you from and why are you here?” Zhou Wen asked the most fundamental question.

He knew that the woman came from another world, but he didn’t know what world it was. As for the reason the woman came here, he was almost certain of the answer.

“I come from a world without gods,” the woman said without any hesitation.

“A world without gods? Is that the name of your world?” Zhou Wen frowned.

“Does the world you live in have a name?” the woman asked.

Zhou Wen found it reasonable. Naming something was relative. If there was no other world as a reference, who would name an infinite existence?

“What kind of world is that?” Zhou Wen asked again.

“There’s no way to describe it because it’s completely different from your world. It’s a completely different system. I don’t know how to describe it to you. I can only say that it’s a world without gods,” the woman said.

“Continue,” Zhou Wen said coldly.

“Since you have already mastered the Lost Immortal Sutra and activated the combat suit, you should be able to sense how different that world is.” The woman pondered for a moment before continuing, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Speak.” Zhou Wen roughly guessed what she wanted to ask.

“Humans have already evolved to such a stage. Is Earth still in existence?” The woman saw that Zhou Wen and Wang Mingyuan were already so terrifying that they were about to reach the threshold of her world.

Therefore, she was still looking forward to seeing if her child had already come into being. Would she be as powerful as Zhou Wen and Wang Mingyuan, or perhaps even stronger?

After all, her child had received Earth’s energy. Her achievements should be second only to the Devil King.

The Devil King had been schemed against by her and had yet to recover. Then, the strongest person in this world should be her daughter.

“I’m afraid I’ll be disappointing you. Earth is still intact,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“Earth is still around? Earth’s Companion Beast hasn’t appeared yet?” The woman’s expression changed slightly. This was somewhat different from what she had imagined. Humans had already evolved to such a level, so how could Earth’s Companion Beast not have appeared?

“You want to ask about your daughter, right?” Zhou Wen stared at the woman.

“You… You… How did you know…” The woman’s expression changed drastically as she had an ominous feeling.

“Answer my question and I’ll naturally tell you the answer.” Zhou Wen looked at the woman and said, “You better think carefully before answering my question. I don’t have the patience to waste my time with you.”

The woman’s expression changed. From Zhou Wen’s attitude, she knew that something had probably happened to her daughter.

“What do you want to know?” the woman asked through gritted teeth.

“Do I need to ask again?” Zhou Wen said with a cold expression.

The woman stared at Zhou Wen for a while before slowly saying, “I’m just an extremely ordinary mother in that world. As my child was born with a congenital flaw, she couldn’t survive in my world. I tried everything to let her live a little longer…”

The woman slowly recounted her story. Most of it was as Zhou Wen had imagined, but there were also some things that Zhou Wen hadn’t expected.

The woman’s husband was a member of a mysterious organization and also a researcher. The woman accidentally saw her husband’s research and realized that they were studying another world.

She was only curious back then. After reading their research materials, she was surprised to discover a possibility of letting her daughter live.

Her daughter was born weak and had problems with her organs. It was impossible for her to survive in her world.

However, if it was in the world her husband studied, the requirements for survival in that world were very low. Furthermore, in the research project, there was a way to use the energy of that world to strengthen oneself.


The woman stole her husband’s work pass and sneaked into the research facility. She stole Experimenter that could enter the alternate world. At the same time, she stole the combat suit, phone, Lost Immortal Sutra, and some other things in the laboratory.

Back when she took those things, she had already triggered the laboratory’s alarm. Originally, she would have been stopped, but her husband appeared in time and stopped the laboratory personnel, allowing her to activate Experimenter at the final moment to enter the alternate world.

However, before Experimenter entered the alternate world, she saw her husband being beaten to death because he had tried his best to stop those people.

Although the woman had set a course for return, she never made the trip.

What happened after the woman arrived was similar to Zhou Wen’s previous guess. She entered Earth following the experimental data and dug out Earth’s Companion Egg. Then, she placed her daughter inside and let her absorb Earth’s energy to grow.

However, the woman felt that this wasn’t enough. This was because the true ruler of this world was the Devil King. Only by obtaining the source of the Devil King’s energy could one become the strongest existence in this world.

The woman realized that she was no match for the Devil King even with the stolen combat suit. She deliberately approached the Devil King and relied on the novel ideas and various trinkets of the other world to obtain the Devil King’s trust.

The Devil King was engrossed in the research of the things she had brought with her and ignored everything else. Only then did the woman have the chance to secretly sow discord, making all races unwilling to be bullied by the Devils again. They joined forces to destroy the Devils.

Back then, the Gods and Immortals were extremely powerful. They were also the Devil King’s most trusted right-hand men. However, she never expected the Gods and Immortals to betray her. Furthermore, the Immortal Thearch of the Immortals appeared out of nowhere and possessed strength that was in no way inferior to the Devil King.

In that battle, having indulged in those mysterious things and studying them, she had exhausted most of her strength. Defeat was the only outcome.

Even so, the Devil King still opened a spatial passageway and took herself and the nine Devil pets out of the battlefield before disappearing.

The woman originally thought that she could reap the benefits, but to her surprise, not only did she let the Devil King escape, but the strength of that Immortal Thearch far exceeded her expectations.

After the Devil King vanished, she had originally planned on conquering the world and turning all the strongest powerhouses in this world into servants to give her daughter the best living environment.

However, she had underestimated Immortal Thearch. Her plan was mostly ruined. Many important things had been lost in that battle, and she nearly lost her life.

It was only because Immortal Thearch didn’t understand the technology of the other world that she barely won the bet and suppressed Immortal Thearch.

However, in fact, Immortal Thearch wasn’t injured at all. She herself suffered from nontrivial injuries, and her combat suit’s energy was depleted. She had to return to the ship to sleep and recharge.

Thankfully, Immortal Thearch kept her promise and trapped herself in Chess Mountain to help the woman protect her child. This allowed the woman to sleep in peace and recharge.

The more Zhou Wen listened, the more he felt that something was amiss. This was because the woman only mentioned two points.

One point was the research facility, and the other was the world Zhou Wen was in. Apart from that, the woman seemed to know nothing about the world she came from.

“Do you remember the color of the sky in your world?” Zhou Wen asked the woman.

“The sky is naturally…” The woman originally said in disdain, but before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly realized that she had never seen the sky before. Her expression gradually changed.

“Don’t tell me your home was in that research facility?” Zhou Wen looked at the woman and asked with an odd expression.

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