Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1881: The Devil King’s Return

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Chapter 1881: The Devil King’s ReturnTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen had already thought it through. Since it was only a matter of time before Demonic Neonate regained her memories, perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing to let her regain her memories now.

Instead of letting her recall those things herself, it was better to take the initiative to give her a chance. In theory, surrendering was usually met with leniency.

Furthermore, the Devil King was also the person who was most likely to know the truth about the other world. She had studied everything the woman had brought with her and had expended a huge amount of effort and energy. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been defeated by the combined forces of the myriad races.

He didn’t believe that the Devil King hadn’t figured out anything after sacrificing so much.

“I can agree with Demonic Neonate getting back her memories, but the premise is that she does so willingly. Otherwise, no one is to force her,” Zhou Wen said to the nine Devil pets.

“How can we agree? Master doesn’t have any memories now. If she isn’t willing to accept…” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed immediately objected.

“I’ve said it before. If she’s unwilling to accept it, no one is to force her,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“Who gave you the courage to be so presumptuous in front of us? Don’t think that you have the right to be presumptuous just because you’ve fought alongside us…” the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed said coldly.

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign behind him grabbed the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed with one hand.

“You are tempting fate!” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was enraged as it swiped its claw at the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s palm and collided with it.

Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign grabbed the claws of the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed as two pure physical forces erupted.


The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed bent its hind legs and was forced to kneel on the ground by the power of the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign. No matter how much strength it exerted, it couldn’t stand up.

Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was astounded. The other eight Devil pets’ expressions changed as well.

Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s pure strength could be said to be the hard ceiling of any Apocalypse-grade creature. In a confrontation of pure strength, it was suppressed to the point of being unable to counterattack. Just this strength alone could put him at the top anywhere in the world.

After the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign retreated behind Zhou Wen, Nine Tribulations Devil Seed roared and was about to pounce at Zhou Wen, but it was stopped by Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate.

“Zhou Wen, there’s no point in stopping us. It’s only a matter of time before Master awakens,” Immortal Slaying Ancient Subordinate said to Zhou Wen.

“Even if it’s only for a second, no one is to force her to do something she’s unwilling to do,” Zhou Wen said.

“Kid, do you really think we don’t dare kill you?” the Devilish Trichilio Eater said sarcastically.

Zhou Wen swept his gaze across the faces of the nine Devil pets and said calmly, “You are still alive because you were Demonic Neonate’s former subordinates. Otherwise, you would have been corpses the moment you arrived outside Earth.”

The nine Devil pets were enraged when they heard that. The Hell Gatekeeper Dog transformed into a black shadow, wanting to tear through the room and devour the entire Guide Ancient City.

However, to its surprise, it couldn’t break out of the tiny room. The bubble-like light ball enveloped the entire room.

The room was shattered, but the nine Devil pets were trapped in the ball of light. No matter how much strength they unleashed, they were unable to shatter the ball of light. Zhou Wen only stood outside the ball of light and looked at them calmly.

The nine Devil pets were horrified. Even Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate’s three slashes couldn’t leave a mark on the ball of light.

No matter how the ball of light twisted and changed, it couldn’t burst. The nine Devil pets charged left and right in vain.

The ball of light was mainly based on the Chaos Egg’s characteristics and had fused with several other powers. Under Zhou Wen’s control, it was almost an immortal existence. Even the combined forces of the nine Devil pets would find it difficult to crack it.

The nine Devil pets were alarmed. The way they looked at Zhou Wen was different. Such a power he casually conjured could trap them without them realizing it. Perhaps only the Devil King from back then could be so terrifying.

This human… has actually become this powerful…?Only then did they realize that Zhou Wen wasn’t acting arrogantly—he had the ability to kill them.

The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s eyes flashed as the ball of light immediately shattered. The nine Devil pets fell out of the ball of light.

Then, the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign swept his gaze across the shattered house. The house quickly returned to its original state as though it was a video played in reverse.

“This person… is too terrifying…” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed glared at Zhou Wen. Although its face was filled with anger, it didn’t dare flare up at him again.

“Whether Demonic Neonate is willing to retrieve her past memories is up to her. It’s not up to you to decide.” When Zhou Wen said those words, the nine Devil pets fell silent. No one said anything else.

“In that case, please let our master decide.” Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate sighed. He knew that the human in front of him had terrifying strength that was probably in no way inferior to the Devil King and Immortal Thearch of yesteryear.

Zhou Wen summoned Demonic Neonate. When the nine Devil pets saw Demonic Neonate, they immediately greeted her. Demonic Neonate looked at them coldly without any response.

“Before she makes her choice, please shut up.” Zhou Wen took out the blob of Devil Spirit spirits he had obtained and placed them in front of Demonic Neonate. “Do you want it?”

“Master, you must…” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed anxiously wanted to persuade her, but it suddenly felt a tremendous force rush at it. The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign appeared in front of it and sent it flying with a slap.

The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed slammed through the wall and fell to the ground outside. It wasn’t a big deal. It jumped up angrily and wanted to rush into the room, but when it saw Zhou Wen’s cold gaze, its heart skipped a beat. It subconsciously stopped and didn’t dare enter.

The other Devil pets thought at the same time,?That was close. Thankfully, Nine Tribulations’ mouth was faster than mine. Otherwise, I would have been the one sent flying.

Demonic Neonate looked at the Devil Spirit in Zhou Wen’s hand and nodded slightly under the expectant gazes of the nine Devil pets.

The nine Devil pets were immediately overjoyed as they cried tears of joy.

“You don’t think it will harm you?” Zhou Wen asked again.

The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed opened its mouth, about to criticize Zhou Wen, but it seemed to realize something. It hurriedly turned to look at the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign and saw it staring at it. It hurriedly closed its mouth.

Demonic Neonate nodded slightly again before Zhou Wen released his grip on the Devil Spirit.

Since Demonic Neonate was certain that the Devil Spirit wasn’t harmful to her, Zhou Wen didn’t stop her and allowed the Devil Spirit in his hand to fly towards her.

After the Devil Spirit escaped his grasp, it immediately charged at Demonic Neonate’s forehead.

Demonic Neonate didn’t dodge and allowed the Devil Spirit to land on her glabella, transforming into a black mark.

Seeing that Zhou Wen had indeed kept his promise and allowed their master to retrieve the Devil Spirit, none of them hesitated any further. Every Devil pet took out another Devil Spirit. Together with the one Zhou Wen had previously snatched, there were a total of nine Devil Spirits.

The other Devil Spirits automatically flew towards Demonic Neonate’s glabella and fused into it, leaving a mysterious symbol there.

Demonic Neonate’s expression changed constantly. All sorts of strange scenes seemed to flow rapidly in her eyes. At the same time, the mysterious mark began to burn with flames.

The dark purple flames enveloped Demonic Neonate’s body and quickly devoured it. Furthermore, the flames burned brighter and brighter. Demonic Neonate could no longer be seen.

The dark purple flames were extremely terrifying, but they didn’t have a temperature, nor did they affect anything around them.

The nine Devil pets looked at the flames with delight. Zhou Wen felt uneasy.

After Demonic Neonate obtains the memories of her previous life, will she still acknowledge me? She’s my Companion Beast. Even if she doesn’t acknowledge me, she shouldn’t be able to renege on our agreement, right??Zhou Wen was somewhat worried.

When the dark purple flames gathered, Demonic Neonate’s figure gradually appeared from the flames.

First, it was a pair of long, slender legs, followed by exaggerated curves. Even the black-purple robe couldn’t hide her graceful figure.

When all the mystical purple flames were sucked into the mysterious mark, Demonic Neonate’s cold, exquisite, extremely beautiful, but daunting face finally appeared in front of Zhou Wen.

Noble, beautiful, elegant, cold, mysterious, holy, sexy, evil, and other conflicting adjectives were perfectly compatible with this woman.

A woman in a black and purple robe with long hair that reached her ankles. Her eyes were like a mysterious starry sky, and her skin was as white as milk. As her eyes darted around, she made the entire world seem to pale in comparison. She stood quietly in front of Zhou Wen.

“You… deserve death…” The woman looked at Zhou Wen and enunciated each and every word.