Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1882: The Devil King

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Chapter 1882: The Devil KingTranslator: CKtalon

Indeed, she still hates me for killing her previous self? Zhou Wen looked at Demonic Neonate, who could no longer be called Demonic Neonate, and was momentarily discouraged.

He had been with Demonic Neonate for so long that his ties with her ran deep. He found it difficult to accept suddenly becoming her enemy.

He originally imagined that Demonic Neonate would take into account their past relationship and not make things difficult for him, but from her words, she probably hated Zhou Wen to the core and wanted him dead.

That’s right. I killed her. It’s normal if she wants to kill me. Zhou Wen looked at Demonic Neonate, but he didn’t plan on sitting idle.

With a thought, he wanted to unsummon Demonic Neonate.

No matter what Demonic Neonate became, she was still Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast. In theory, she had to obey his orders.

However, with a thought from Zhou Wen, Demonic Neonate stood there motionless, unable to be unsummoned.

Zhou Wen wasn’t too surprised because Demonic Neonate could freely enter and exit without his orders. This situation wasn’t strange.

“Master, you’re finally back!” Skyfiend Consort was pleasantly surprised. She curtailed her seductiveness and solemnly bowed at Demonic Neonate.

The other Devil pets also called out their master’s name in unison and bowed at Demonic Neonate.

Zhou Wen was envious. After countless years, the nine Devil pets remained loyal to Demonic Neonate. This loyalty wasn’t something that could be obtained simply through force.

Demonic Neonate gestured slightly before the nine Devil pets got up one after another. Their faces were filled with joy. The Hell Gatekeeper Dog was like a husky as it lay at Demonic Neonate’s feet. It looked like it wanted Demonic Neonate to stroke its head.

“It’s been hard on you,” Demonic Neonate whispered. Her voice seemed to have an indescribable charm that made one feel at ease.

Zhou Wen had always heard of how cruel the Devil King was. When he really saw her, he couldn’t tell how cruel she was, nor could he tell that she had any evil aura.

“Master has been reborn. We swear to follow Master and will definitely help Master rule the world.” The nine Devil pets were extremely excited. They wanted to immediately follow the Devil King and fight for supremacy.

Demonic Neonate nodded slightly, but she looked at Zhou Wen with an indifferent gaze before walking towards him.

Zhou Wen opened his mouth to say something, but he realized that he couldn’t even move his lips.

At that moment, time and space seemed to freeze. Everything was frozen there. Only Demonic Neonate kept walking like a demoness against the river of time.

Zhou Wen was alarmed as he frantically activated the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign and Lost Immortal Sutra, but he felt as though everything had been frozen. The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign stood there without any reaction. His body was like a boulder without any energy flowing.

Zhou Wen could only watch as Demonic Neonate walked in front of him and extended her slender fingers towards his cheek.

If he could still sweat, his forehead would probably be covered in cold sweat. Unfortunately, no sweat came out of him.

It’s over, it’s over. Indeed, one can’t be arrogant. I thought that with my present strength, even if the Devil King revived, I would have the ability to fight her. I never expected the Devil King to be so powerful. I don’t even have the chance to resist… Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to praise the Devil King’s strength. His mind raced as he thought of a way to escape.

However, it was difficult for him to even speak. It was impossible for him to convince the Devil King by playing the emotional card.

Just as the Devil King’s finger was about to touch him, a golden light suddenly erupted from Zhou Wen’s ear. Terrifying golden energy gathered in front of him, turning into a wild and handsome blonde man who stood in front of him.

Truth Listener has completed its evolution! Zhou Wen was overjoyed.

Truth Listener had undoubtedly reached the Apocalypse grade. To be able to break the suppression of the Devil King’s power, it was obvious that his strength was no ordinary existence even at the Apocalypse grade. At the very least, it was above the nine Devil pets. It was even stronger than the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign.

The nine Devil pets and the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign seemed to be frozen, but Truth Listener could move freely. This was enough to explain many things.

The golden light on Truth Listener’s body erupted crazily. With strength capable of tearing through space, it threw a punch at the Devil King.

This punch didn’t have any nomological powers to speak of, nor was there any technique. It was pure, unadulterated strength that was unimaginably powerful. Space shattered like glass under this punch, collapsing into a black hole.

Such powerful strength was much stronger than the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed that cultivated its body as well. Even Zhou Wen didn’t dare take the punch head-on.

Yet, the Devil King ignored such a terrifying punch. With just a glance at Truth Listener, Truth Listener’s body seemed to be struck by an invisible sledgehammer as it flew backward and slammed into the wall.

He sprawled against the wall like a fly that had been slapped against the wall, unable to move.

Wh— Zhou Wen never expected such an outcome. His body turned cold as his heart sank.

In the next second, the Devil King’s finger landed on Zhou Wen’s cheek, causing him to shiver.

My life is over… Zhou Wen sighed inwardly.

The Devil King’s slender and round fingers slid across Zhou Wen’s face and stopped at his chin. Then, she raised his chin slightly, causing Zhou Wen to look up.

The Devil King looked at Zhou Wen with a faint smile. Her voice that seemed to travel across spacetime sounded in his ears. “You… wanted to be my daddy?”

Zhou Wen broke out into a cold sweat. He hated his younger self for saying those words. He regretted it so much that he wanted to slap himself.

In the past, he had found Demonic Neonate adorable. After spending some time with her, he had subconsciously raised her like a daughter.

Back then, Demonic Neonate couldn’t speak. Zhou Wen had made Demonic Neonate call him daddy as though he was teaching a daughter how to speak.

Now that he thought about it, Zhou Wen could only be glad that Demonic Neonate couldn’t speak back then and hadn’t really called him daddy. If she had done so, death for him would probably have been an extravagant hope today.

Zhou Wen wanted to defend himself, but he couldn’t say a word. The Devil King had no intention of listening to his excuses. She exerted more strength with her fingers, raising Zhou Wen’s head even higher.

“You even got me to serve you tea…” The Devil King’s expression turned even stranger. She was clearly smiling, but Zhou Wen didn’t feel any warmth. His heart had already turned cold.

How would I know that such a day would come? You’re a Companion Beast. Was I to do it myself when there was you to command around? I also wanted you to experience the joy of being a human… Thankfully, you ignored me back then. You didn’t do anything, so why are you blaming it on me now? Zhou Wen criticized inwardly.

“When you encountered danger, you even got me to help you fend off the calamity…” Every word the Devil King said was like a heavy hammer that sent Zhou Wen’s heart deeper into hell.

It’s over, it’s over. I’m afraid dying today would be extravagant… Zhou Wen had already given up struggling. All he wanted was a quick death.

Indeed, after the Devil King recounted Zhou Wen’s crimes, she added, “You… really… deserve death…”

“You wish for death? Not so easy.” With that said, Zhou Wen wanted to close his eyes and wait for the fate of being tortured to death, but he felt his chin being pinched by the Devil King. Then, the red lips imprinted on his lips.

A strange force instantly spread through Zhou Wen’s body.