Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1883: Advancement to the Apocalypse Grade

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Chapter 1883: Advancement to the Apocalypse GradeTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen felt his mind explode as his consciousness entered that strange space.

In the void, the woman who had appeared in Zhou Wen’s dream floated in the air with the Devil King.

“How dare you stand in front of me?” The Sigh of the King stared coldly at the Devil King.

The Devil King only glanced at her, seemingly in no mood to speak. Her eyes were filled with contempt.

The Sigh of the King was infuriated. With a wave of her arm, infinite light immediately appeared in the void. Light shone over the Devil King from all directions as though it wanted to melt the entire world to become part of the light.

However, when the layers of light arrived in front of the Devil King, it seemed to freeze.

In the next second, with a gaze from the Devil King, all the light shattered. The entire void space shattered with the light.

The Sigh of the King shattered as well. Cracks appeared on her body, leaving her face filled with surprise.

“You… took that step…” Sigh of the King’s figure began to separate and was about to shatter like glass. She looked at the Devil King with an odd expression.

The Devil King ignored her and only watched indifferently as the Sigh of the King cracked.


The Sigh of the King’s body shattered along with the entire void, turning into fragments that began to soar.

“We… will meet again…” The Sigh of the King’s voice gradually dissipated in the shattered void.

“You’re just a wisp of consciousness. Are you even worthy?” the Devil King said coldly.

Zhou Wen felt his brain and heart ache terribly. It wasn’t just his brain and heart. It was as though every cell in his body was being ripped apart, making him almost go berserk from the pain.

He didn’t wish to experience this feeling a second time in his life. It was as though someone had pulled out his blood vessels or bones. Even his brain felt like it had been plucked out piece by piece.

Pain. There was nothing but pain. Then, there was an endless emptiness. It was as though something important had been pulled out of his body. His soul felt like it was about to fly out of his body.

Just as he thought his soul was about to return to hell, a strange energy suddenly surged out of his body.

The power didn’t come from the Devil King or any external force, but from Zhou Wen’s body.

It was like a seed that had been planted. After thousands of years, it suddenly sprouted and crawled out from the ground, revealing a sprout filled with vitality.

Every cell surged with vitality, gradually awakening his body. The emptiness was gradually filled, and he was even more energetic than before.

Zhou Wen felt an unprecedented sense of relief. It was as though the shackles on his body had been unlocked as he rushed out of prison to be reborn.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that the Devil King in front of him had vanished. The nine Devil pets had also vanished. Everything that had happened seemed like a dream, as though it had never happened.

Zhou Wen naturally knew that it wasn’t a dream. He hurriedly checked his Companion Beast information.

Demonic Neonate’s name had vanished from the Companion Beast list, but he was surprised to see Devil King’s name.

Devil King: ???

However, all the information on the Devil King was question marks. There was nothing to be seen. Even she didn’t even know what level she was at.

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he hurriedly checked his information.

The original Life Providence was no longer Sigh of the King, but a new name—Human Sovereign.

Zhou Wen wore a complicated expression. He roughly understood what had happened.

Previously, the Sigh of the King Life Providence was transformed from the soul he absorbed from the Lost Immortal Sutra. Or rather, it was transformed from the woman in the Lost Immortal Sutra. It wasn’t his true Life Providence.

The Devil King shattered the Lost Immortal Sutra’s soul and the Sigh of the King’s Life Providence. Only then did Zhou Wen’s true Life Providence appear and condense into the Human Sovereign Life Providence.

As the Sigh of the King’s Life Providence was removed, Zhou Wen felt as though there were no shackles on his body. Just standing there made him feel a surge of infinite energy rushing into his body.

This energy was very strange. No matter how much energy surged into his body, it didn’t burden him. Instead, it slowly nourished his body, constantly transforming it.

Zhou Wen finally knew why he couldn’t advance to the Apocalypse grade. It wasn’t that he couldn’t advance, but that his previous Life Providence limited his body, preventing him from advancing to the Apocalypse grade using the path set by the Lost Immortal Sutra.

Zhou Wen had previously wanted to modify the Lost Immortal Sutra to make it suitable for him and not adapt to it. The reason he hadn’t succeeded was because of the limitations of the Life Providence.

Now that there were no restrictions on his Life Providence, the Lost Immortal Sutra was no longer restricted. Following Zhou Wen’s will, there were constant changes, making it quickly become very different from before.

Zhou Wen realized that he could break through that final obstacle and successfully advance to the Apocalypse grade with a single thought.

In fact, with a thought, Zhou Wen broke through the restrictions of the Calamity grade and entered the Apocalypse grade. The power of the New World began to condense in his body.

Zhou Wen’s body underwent a tremendous change. The world seemed completely different in his eyes.

With just a thought, Zhou Wen felt his entire being sublimate.

Zhou Wen: Apocalypse grade (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Human Sovereign

Life Soul: Slaughterer

Wheel of Destiny: No Engravings (One Spin)

Terror Form: The Disqualified (Beyond S)

Calamity Zone: Human Realm (Heaven level)

New World: Unique and Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign.

Strength: 9999

Zhou Wen looked at his information with a complicated expression. He called out to the Devil King twice, but he didn’t receive any response.

What’s wrong with her? Did she pay a huge price to shatter the Sigh of the King? Did her body suffer damage? Or did she expend too much strength and is sleeping to recharge? Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled, but he didn’t have an answer.

Although he couldn’t figure out the reason, Zhou Wen already understood that Demonic Neonate hadn’t forgotten him, nor did she resent him. She had even helped him shatter the restrictions of the Sigh of the King and allowed him to retrieve his Life Providence.

From the looks of it, she’s still the same Demonic Neonate from before. Zhou Wen heaved a long sigh of relief. Demonic Neonate was still around, and he had advanced to the Apocalypse grade. Now, he could participate in the Destiny Battle in peace.

At the same time Earth’s seals cracked, the Cubes in the entire universe lit up at the same time. A countdown appeared on it. It was only a nine-day countdown. It was estimated that when the countdown ended, it would be the day the Destiny Battle began.

Suddenly, the Cube’s screen changed and a scene of the staircase appeared. Another person had ascended the staircase to the Destiny Platform.