Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1887: Goodbye

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Chapter 1887: Goodbye

The moment the sword appeared, it was as if there was only this sword and the Thearch left in the world.

With nowhere to hide and nothing to block. It was as if all other choices were gone, and this was the only path left in the world.

“Chaos of Nothingness, I never expected you to have grasped the primordial laws. You’re indeed qualified to be a chess player.” The Thearch nodded slightly, seemingly impressed.

Looking at the sword that seemed to occupy the world, the Cube at the tip of the Thearch’s finger flew out to meet the immortal sword.

The scene on the Cube that belonged to Wang Mingyuan was facing the tip of the immortal sword.

If this strike stabbed down, it was equivalent to Wang Mingyuan using his strength to wipe himself out. If he didn’t stab down, the Chaos of Nothingness would immediately be cracked. Wang Mingyuan’s aura would be torn through, and he would immediately be thrown into a disadvantage.

Wang Mingyuan’s eyes were firm, and he didn’t have the slightest intention of retreating. The immortal sword didn’t stop at all as it crashed into the Cube, and the tip of the sword stabbed into the Cube projection that belonged to him.

The tip of the immortal sword inched into the Cube’s projection, causing it to flicker erratically as if it would turn black at any moment.

The surrounding space also oscillated between dark and light, as if day and night were constantly alternating.

“I’ve said it before—I don’t want to be a chess player. I want to redefine the rules… I want to destroy the person who defines the rules…” Wang Mingyuan’s expression was cold as the power on the immortal sword intensified.


The projection of the Cube was penetrated by the immortal sword, and the entire Cube disintegrated, scattering fragments everywhere. However, Wang Mingyuan wasn’t wiped out. He still stood on the Destiny Platform calmly.

After the immortal sword penetrated the Cube, it continued in its thrust towards The Thearch with unstoppable might.

However, when the immortal sword arrived in front of the Thearch, it appeared to be grabbed by an invisible hand. It stood fixed in place. No matter how the immortal sword trembled, it couldn’t advance an inch.

The Thearch looked at the immortal sword in front of her and sighed. “To redefine the rules, you have to destroy the original rules first. Do you know what this means?”

“Merely death.” Wang Mingyuan’s eyes were calm as though he had said it casually, but he had unimaginable determination.

“Nice way of putting it. From the looks of it, you really understand.” The Thearch laughed. “Unfortunately, only one person can ultimately go there. Otherwise, I would really want to see how far you could go.”

“It’s indeed a pity that I can’t let you live to see that day.” Wang Mingyuan nodded slightly as though he agreed with The Thearch’s point of view. However, their pity was on completely different matters.

The Thearch’s smile deepened. “Apart from the Devil King from back then, you are the second fellow I find interesting.”

With that said, The Thearch suddenly said seriously, “To show my respect for you, I’ll fight you seriously.”

As she spoke, The Thearch grabbed the immortal sword with her fingers. It changed directions and the hilt landed in her hand.

The Thearch held the immortal sword and slowly said, “The world only knows that the four Immortal Vanquishing Swords can restrain Immortals, but it doesn’t know why it can restrain the Immortals. That’s because this sword is my sword. It’s the sword of the Immortal Thearch. You are wrong to want to use it to kill me.”

With that said, The Thearch wiped her finger across the sword. Blood that resembled an immortal glow and numinous liquid smeared the blade.

The blood that seemed both liquid and gas seeped into the blade, causing the sword beam on the immortal sword to bloom as it trembled.

Just as everyone was wondering what The Thearch was doing, they saw The Thearch throw the sword at Wang Mingyuan.

The sword didn’t have any strength. Wang Mingyuan casually grabbed it and held the immortal sword again.

“The sword has a spirit and doesn’t drink its master’s blood. Now that it has drunk my blood, it’s no longer my sword. It belongs to you now. Hold it tightly and let me see how far you have come.” The Thearch finally became serious.

Wang Mingyuan glanced at the immortal sword in his hand and suddenly threw it out of Destiny Platform, allowing it to land in the bottomless abyss.

“Now, we can begin,” Wang Mingyuan said calmly as he looked at The Thearch.

“I’m really beginning to see you in a different light.” The Thearch’s lips curled up slightly as the immortal glow on her body constantly rose. The entire Dimensional Airspace was dyed many colors by the immortal glow.

“You and I are the same kind of people, and we have the same goal. If there’s a next life, I hope we can be friends.” Wang Mingyuan’s expression was solemn as his aura converged. His aura became more corporeal as his entire body became more and more crystal-clear. It was so transparent that he was about to vanish.

“See you in your next life.” The Thearch clenched her fingers into a fist and threw a punch at Wang Mingyuan.

With a punch, the world followed.

The energy in the entire space seemed to be sucked dry by this punch as the fist constantly magnified in everyone’s eyes. The entire world seemed to be unable to contain the might of this punch and was about to shatter.

Wang Mingyuan followed with a punch as he took a step forward.

His first punch didn’t have any might, but as his fist faced the destructive punch, his strength became stronger and more domineering.

As he walked against the light, he became more and more dazzling, even more dazzling than light.

Moving up against the world, he devoured everything in a way even more majestic than the world.

The fist broke through all restraints, but it contained the power of all things. It shattered layers of rules and came close to The Thearch’s fist.

When the two fists collided, his fist’s might was no longer inferior to The Thearch’s. The two apocalyptic forces collided.


The Dimensional Airspace exploded from the terrifying energy impact. Tremendous amounts of energy erupted and swept through the entire dimension.

Mountains shattered as rivers instantly evaporated. Mysterious forbidden zones were swept apart.

The ground cracked and temples collapsed.

The entire dimension seemed to have been swept by a calamity. It was a mess.

The various races of the dimension trembled in fear in the middle of the ruins. Only a few places that were protected by the power of Apocalypse-grade powerhouses could avoid the calamity and retain a complete land for their race.

Many of the contestants in the Dimensional Airspace were sent flying by this terrifying force. They tumbled for an unknown distance in the distorted and collapsing space, and some were even severely injured.

Zhou Wen and Holy God looked in the direction of the Destiny Platform. With the Dimensional Airspace destroyed, it no longer had the ability to distort space. They immediately saw the Destiny Platform in the distance and the two figures standing on it.

Wang Mingyuan and The Thearch stood facing each other on Destiny Platform. The two of them looked calm as though they weren’t injured.

“Did you do your best?” Wang Mingyuan asked The Thearch.

“I did,” The Thearch said.

Wang Mingyuan nodded slightly and said calmly, “Goodbye.”

With that said, Wang Mingyuan turned around and flew towards Zhou Wen.