Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1888: The Path to Heaven Isn't Flat, Only the Body Can be Honed

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Chapter 1888: The Path to Heaven Isn’t Flat, Only the Body Can be Honed

“Wang Mingyuan, what are you trying to do?” Holy God stared at the approaching Wang Mingyuan and asked sternly.

“Do you know why no one has bothered with you all these years? Jing Daoxian would rather face Death than cooperate with you?” Wang Mingyuan said indifferently as he looked at Holy God.

“Why?” Holy God frowned. He never understood why Wang Mingyuan and Jing Daoxian weren’t willing to cooperate with him.

Cooperation was clearly beneficial to everyone, allowing them to take fewer detours and better understand those matters, but Jing Daoxian and Wang Mingyuan had rejected him.

Wang Mingyuan had rejected him. It could be said that Wang Mingyuan wasn’t willing to share the secrets he had obtained, but Jing Daoxian hadn’t obtained it. All he had obtained was the Lost Immortal Sutra that he couldn’t cultivate.

He had a way to heal Jing Daoxian’s injured body, but even so, Jing Daoxian wasn’t willing to cooperate with him. This puzzled Holy God.

“You obtained the most and were the first to obtain powers that didn’t belong to you, but you failed to turn those powers into yours. Be it in the past or the present, you are a weakling. This has never changed. How can a powerhouse like Jing Daoxian cooperate with a weakling?” With that said, Wang Mingyuan ignored Holy God and didn’t even spare him a glance. He turned around and walked towards Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen looked at Wang Mingyuan with a complicated expression without saying a word.

Holy God stood there in a daze, momentarily at a loss for a reaction.

Wang Mingyuan came in front of Zhou Wen and handed him a box. “Take it. You should be interested in what’s inside.”

Zhou Wen didn’t reject it as he reached out to take the box. This was because he knew that Wang Mingyuan was doomed. This was probably his last chance.

That earth-shattering strike seemed to be evenly matched, but in fact, it had ended Wang Mingyuan. Or rather, he was already a dead person. He had only relied on his extremely strong will to not immediately dissipate into the world.

However, that will was like an extinguishing candle that could turn to ashes at any moment.

Seeing Zhou Wen take the box, Wang Mingyuan seemed to heave a sigh of relief. He looked at Zhou Wen and said with a smile, “Although I lost, I never regretted taking this path. Unfortunately, I ultimately can’t change this filthy world.”

As he spoke, points of light gradually flew out from his body.

“Child, I’m sorry. It’s time for me to leave.” Wang Mingyuan closed his eyes and spread out his arms to hug Zhou Wen.

Holy God hurriedly warned, “Zhou Wen… Be careful…”

Zhou Wen knew what Holy God meant. Wang Mingyuan had the ability to devour everything, but he didn’t dodge and allowed Wang Mingyuan to hug him.

Wang Mingyuan closed his eyes and hugged Zhou Wen with a smile. His lips moved slightly as though he was saying something. More and more points of light flew out from his body.

Moments later, Wang Mingyuan suddenly pushed Zhou Wen away and said with a smile, “My journey has come to an end. You have to continue on your journey. No matter how rugged it is, no matter how many difficulties stand in your way, it doesn’t matter. Don’t be lost. Don’t be sad. There’s no need to be afraid, nor do you have to be hesitant. Even if you fall one day, understand that it’s an inevitable stage in life. Child, I have nothing left for you. All that’s left is this skin. Let him pave a path for you. I hope he can let you go further.

“The path to heaven isn’t flat, only the body can be honed.” With that said, Wang Mingyuan’s body emitted a blinding light as his body rapidly dissipated, turning into countless fluorescent lights that gathered towards the Human Sovereign Stone Saber at Zhou Wen’s waist.

“Teacher!” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Mingyuan’s rapidly disintegrating figure and extended his palm to grab something, but in the end, he gave up and muttered bitterly.

Wang Mingyuan’s figure was almost gone. He couldn’t even make a sound. All one could see was his lips changing as though he was saying something.

Zhou Wen read his lips. He was talking about the box.

In the next second, Wang Mingyuan’s figure completely disintegrated and surged towards the Human Sovereign Stone Saber like a river of stars.

Just as Zhou Wen was sighing, he suddenly felt his phone vibrate. The stream of light that was flying towards the Human Sovereign Stone Saber changed directions and flowed towards Zhou Wen’s phone. Soon, they were all sucked into the phone.

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred. He knew that the Dead Man Tree in the phone had definitely taken action and sucked in the dead Wang Mingyuan.

Zhou Wen wanted to stop it, but he ultimately gave up.

In a moment, the stream of light was injected into the phone, and the phone stopped vibrating.

Zhou Wen didn’t look at the situation on the phone. All he did was open the box.

There were only three things in the box—one red and one blue Companion Egg. Beneath them was a book.

The book didn’t have a name. The cover was blank. When he flipped it open, he saw a drawing on the first page. It was a very simple drawing that looked like a child’s graffiti. It was a little girl with pigtails. She held a man’s hand in one hand and a woman’s hand in the other. Behind her was a colorful hut.

The drawing was very crude and without any technique. It wasn’t very nice either, but the smiles on their faces were very bright.

Zhou Wen sighed inwardly. The three people on the painting were probably Wang Mingyuan and his family. If he guessed correctly, this painting was probably drawn by the girl in the painting. The girl was likely Wang Mingyuan’s daughter.

After flipping to the next page, there were some words. The content was an Essence Energy Art. At the same time, there were many annotations, but the Essence Energy Art didn’t have a name.

Zhou Wen only took a short look and knew how terrifying this Essence Energy Art was. However, just like the Lost Immortal Sutra, the requirements to cultivate this Essence Energy Art were too high.

Wang Mingyuan must have devoured Zhong Ziya and Jiang Guan to complete the conditions needed to cultivate this Essence Energy Art.

Their talent partially met the conditions needed to cultivate this Essence Energy Art. From the looks of it, the talent abilities of Transcendent Immortal and Void Sword Immortal were also a part of the conditions.

The more he read, the more he found this Essence Energy Art terrifying. Furthermore, this was clearly an Essence Energy Art created by Wang Mingyuan. It wasn’t an external Essence Energy Art like the Lost Immortal Sutra.

As he read, his expression turned odder.

He realized that Wang Mingyuan hadn’t been able to cultivate the Essence Energy Art he had created to the final step. If he had really cultivated it to the final step, he might not have lost today.

The reason Wang Mingyuan failed to reach the final step was that he lacked a talent.

Absolute Focus… Zhou Wen felt bitter because it was his talent.

Wang Mingyuan had previously said that he had his reasons for taking in his disciples. Zhou Wen had previously imagined that Wang Mingyuan had taken him in as a disciple because he suspected that he was the child Zhou Lingfeng had carried out of Chess Mountain.

From the looks of it, that wasn’t the case. It was because he had Absolute Focus.

However, Wang Mingyuan clearly had a chance to attack him previously, but he ultimately didn’t devour Zhou Wen like he had devoured Jiang Yan and Zhong Ziya.

Zhou Wen didn’t know why Wang Mingyuan hadn’t attacked him. Was it because of their relationship as teacher and student, or was there some other reason? No one knew now. Everything had been reduced to dust with Wang Mingyuan’s death.