Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1889: Settling Scores

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Chapter 1889: Settling Scores

Zhou Wen looked at the remaining two Companion Eggs in the box and seemed to think of something as he vanished.

Holy God wanted to chase after Zhou Wen, but before he could do anything, he saw a person fly over.

“Jing Daoxian, what are you doing here?” Holy God asked the young-looking Jing Daoxian.

“Hehe, I’m here to settle scores with you,” Jing Daoxian said with a chuckle.

“What scores do we have to settle?” Holy God frowned slightly.

“To settle the score for you secretly hurting me, of course.” Jing Daoxian couldn’t help but sneer.

“When did I hurt you?” Holy God said unhappily.

“Hehe, if you’ve never harmed me, why did you pretend to be missing and hide in the Holy Land?” Jing Daoxian continued disdainfully, “You believed that you had done so flawlessly. Unfortunately, you never expected that your good grandson would end up exposing your scheme while trying to save you.”

“What do you mean?” Holy God didn’t seem to understand what Jing Daoxian was saying.

“Ouyang Ting, you’re really a good actor. At this stage, do you think there’s any point in continuing?” Jing Daoxian said disdainfully, “Back then, the four of us entered Chess Mountain. Not long after, you went to the Holy Land. Later, all those things cropped up in the Holy Land. A stupid person would be able to figure it out. Six Holy races corresponding to the six races’ bloodline? You are the same as that trash from the Xia family. You just want to snatch the bloodline of others.

“It’s just that the old man from the Xia family was too stupid, but what you did was much more brilliant. You did a beautiful job of deceiving your superiors. Not only did you use the power of the six races of the dimension for your use, but you also obtained the six strongest human talent bloodlines. I have to admit that I admire you. Your move was brilliant. If it wasn’t for your grandson insisting on saving you and forcing you to reveal a flaw, no one would have expected you to be Holy God.” Jing Daoxian’s choice of words were nice, but his tone and expression were filled with contempt.

The people who heard these words were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe the truth behind the so-called six bloodlines.

“Jing Daoxian, what nonsense are you spouting? What do you want?” Holy God’s voice turned cold.

Jing Daoxian curled his lips and said, “What you did is none of my business; I can’t be bothered with you. However, you shouldn’t have schemed against me. There should be information regarding the Lost Immortal Sutra in the things you obtained from the ship, right? You don’t have to deny it. There had to be something. All those things you did were all preparations for cultivating the Lost Immortal Sutra. Unfortunately, the information you obtained must be incomplete, so you didn’t attack me and chose me to be your lab rat.

“Back when you came to me to cooperate and said that you could help me alleviate my injuries and extend my life, I knew that something was amiss.” Jing Daoxian chuckled coldly. “If I hadn’t figured everything out back then and played along, dragging Xia down to replace me as the new lab rat, I’m afraid you would have long snatched the Lost Immortal Sutra I had and killed me, right?

“You think you did it flawlessly, but in fact, you’re just an idiot.” Jing Daoxian sneered and said, “Wang Mingyuan is right. From beginning to end, you’re just a pitiful weakling. It’s useless no matter how much you obtain. Trash will always be trash.”

“Are you done?” Holy God’s tone was cold as killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Do you want to kill me? There’s no rush. It won’t be too late to attack after I finish telling you the last thing you don’t know,” Jing Daoxian said with a smile.

“What is it?” Holy God stared at Jing Daoxian and asked.

“Do you know why I gave the Lost Immortal Sutra to Zhou Wen?” Jing Daoxian said with a faint smile.

“Because he’s the child Zhou Lingfeng carried out. You want to find the correct cultivation method of the Lost Immortal Sutra on him,” Holy God said coldly.

“Haha, from the moment I stood in front of him, I knew that he wasn’t that child. Just like how Wang Mingyuan knew that he wasn’t that child, I’m afraid only you thought otherwise.” Jing Daoxian’s eyes were filled with contempt. “Zhou Wen was never that child. He was the child of Zhou Lingfeng and your daughter. Since you wanted me to be your lab rat, I chose to have your grandson be my lab rat. Back then, after you knew that Zhou Wen had cultivated the Lost Immortal Sutra, were you still very happy that another person had become your lab rat?”

Towards the end, Jing Daoxian laughed maniacally. “Ouyang Ting, oh Ouyang Ting, I can only say that your luck isn’t bad. Zhou Wen actually mastered the Lost Immortal Sutra. It’s a pity you didn’t get to see your grandson die because of your machinations.”

The killing intent and anger in Holy God’s eyes could no longer be concealed. He raised his palm slightly and gradually condensed a black mini Cube in his hand. He stared at Jing Daoxian and said, “Are you done? If there’s nothing else to say, you can be on your way.”

As he spoke, Holy God pointed at the scene that belonged to Jing Daoxian.

“What you learned from the ship is useless against Immortal Thearch and Wang Mingyuan. Do you think it will be useful against me? I’ll let you see how strong the Lost Immortal Sutra that you failed to obtain is.” Jing Daoxian wasn’t afraid at all. There was even a hint of mockery on his lips.

On the Cube, the scene that belonged to Jing Daoxian suddenly vanished. Even his name on the rankings vanished.

However, before Holy God’s finger could touch the scene that belonged to him, it vanished.

What was even more shocking was that through Holy God’s scene, people could still see Jing Daoxian standing there unharmed.

Holy God looked at the mini Cube without Jing Daoxian’s image, his eyes revealing surprise.

“This world isn’t as simple as you think. Do you think you can control this world just because you grasp a few rules you learned from others? You’re still far from it.” Jing Daoxian grinned like a devil. “Now, it’s time to settle our scores.”

In the next second, Jing Daoxian appeared in front of Holy God like a ghost and grabbed his face.

Holy God’s figure drew a strange trajectory as though space had folded over him. The layers of spatial trajectories made Jing Daoxian lose himself in them.


Jing Daoxian’s hand strangely passed through the folded space and grabbed Holy God’s face, shattering the mask there.

The mask and the remaining fragments on Holy God’s face fell bit by bit, revealing his true appearance.

It was a flawless face. There was nothing imperfect about it. All the lines and contours seemed to have been carefully calculated. They had the most perfect proportions and curves.

To be so perfect made a person inhuman.

Looking at that face, Jing Daoxian was somewhat alarmed. “You aren’t Ouyang Ting. Who are you?”