Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1890: Nameless

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Chapter 1890: Nameless

“You can call me Ouyang Ting or… Nameless…” Holy God said indifferently as he looked at Jing Daoxian.

Jing Daoxian was slightly taken aback as he sized up Holy God. Moments later, he cackled strangely. “Ouyang Ting, oh Ouyang Ting, you’re really pathetic. You schemed your entire life, but in the end, you ended up benefiting others. Nameless, you are the Nameless God created by the six races, right?”

“You can’t say he benefited others. Ouyang Ting is Nameless; Nameless is Ouyang Ting. We are a whole to begin with.” Holy God paused before continuing, “You’re right. In terms of talent, I’m inferior to you. In terms of capability, I’m inferior to Wang Mingyuan. My schemes directed at all of you failed. I didn’t obtain Wang Mingyuan’s information or your Lost Immortal Sutra.

“However, that’s no longer important. After obtaining the bloodlines of the six races, I obtained the chance to fuse with Nameless God. Now, my bloodline is already the most perfect bloodline in this world. It’s still too early to declare the outcome of our battle,” Holy God said indifferently.

Jing Daoxian said disdainfully, “Most perfect bloodline? If I’m not wrong, you were able to fuse with the Nameless God created by the combined forces of the six dimensional races all thanks to that grandson of yours.”

Holy God didn’t deny it as he nodded and said, “The backlash of Nameless God’s will was indeed an opportunity for me to fuse with it. However, is that important? No matter what the process was, I did it.”

“That’s true. This is a world that only cares about the outcome. Then let me see if your most perfect bloodline is perfect.” Jing Daoxian’s eyes suffused a glow as he smiled like a ferocious ghost. He instantly appeared in front of Holy God.

Holy God’s whereabouts became unknown, but space flowed around him. At the same time, his fist emitted a sun-like glow.


Jing Daoxian clawed through space, including the sun’s light. The chaotic light turned the entire Cube’s screen into a world of flowing light.

The people watching the battle through the Cube could only see all sorts of light blasts flashing. They couldn’t discern their battle at all.

The other participants’ scenes also became very unstable due to the battle. From time to time, all sorts of streams of light flashed on the screen. Only The Thearch’s scene wasn’t affected.

Only then did people realize that the scene representing Human Sovereign had turned black. Even the name of Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign had vanished.

Zhou Wen, who was also a cultivator of the Lost Immortal Sutra, could also ignore the rules of the Destiny Platform and the Cube. At that moment, Zhou Wen landed in an uninhabited area in the dimension. He held the two Companion Eggs Wang Mingyuan had left behind.

They were the only things left behind by Wang Mingyuan apart from the book.

Before Wang Mingyuan died, he had used his supreme willpower to stall for time to deliver the items to him. It was obvious how much Wang Mingyuan valued these things.

It wasn’t surprising that it was so cherished; the book was Wang Mingyuan’s way of reminiscing about his family, as well as the Essence Energy Art he took a lifetime to create.

Why did he cherish these two Companion Eggs so much? If they were very rare and powerful Companion Eggs, why didn’t Wang Mingyuan use them himself?

If they weren’t precious Companion Eggs, why would he treasure them so much? This was clearly contradictory.

Zhou Wen thought of a possibility, so he was very eager to verify his guess.

He directly injected Essence Energy and hatched the two Companion Eggs.

These two Companion Eggs didn’t require much Essence Energy. They were likely Mythical Companion Eggs.

After the two Companion Eggs were hatched, they transformed into a red and blue beam that fused into Zhou Wen’s body.

On his left and right arms, two strange tattoos—one red, one blue—formed.

The red mark on the left arm was a red dot, and the mark on the right arm was a blue dot. They looked very simple.

Zhou Wen took out his phone and hurriedly looked at the information on the two Companion Beasts.

Yin Reincarnation Flower: Mythical (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Yin Yang Reincarnation Flower

Life Soul: Twin Yin Soul

Wheel of Destiny: Great Samsara Wheel

Strength: 81

Speed: 81

Constitution: 81

Essence Energy: 81

Talent Skill: Extreme Yin Births Yang

Companion Form: Soul

Yang Reincarnation Flower: Mythical (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Yin Yang Reincarnation Flower

Life Soul: Twin Sun Soul

Wheel of Destiny: Great Samsara Wheel

Strength: 81

Speed: 81

Constitution: 81

Essence Energy: 81

Talent Skill: Extreme Yang Births Yin

Companion Form: Soul

Zhou Wen summoned the Yin and Yang Reincarnation Flowers and saw the red and blue plants appear in front of him.

The Yin Reincarnation Flower had two blue leaves with a flower bud growing at the tip. It was only slightly bigger than his palm. Inside the crystalline blue roots and leaves, one could vaguely see red veins that resembled blood vessels.

The Yang Reincarnation Flower was red. It looked almost identical to the Yin Reincarnation Flower. At the tip was a red flower bud with blue veins inside.

Two flowers floated in the air like two dancing sprites.

Zhou Wen watched for a while before frowning slightly. He reached out and put away the two flowers.

He originally imagined that these two Companion Eggs were related to Zhong Ziya and Jiang Yan. Perhaps Wang Mingyuan had the means similar to the Dead Man Tree that could turn the dead Jiang Yan and Zhong Ziya into Companion Eggs.

However, these two Companion Beasts were only two flowers and not Zhong Ziya and Jiang Yan. Zhou Wen didn’t sense Jiang Yan and Zhong Ziya’s auras from the two flowers. Even if they were really related to the two of them, there was probably only little information left behind in the two Companion Beasts.

He looked at the Dead Man Tree on his phone again. A crystalline fruit that resembled ice had grown on the tree. He didn’t know when it would ripen.

Even if it really matured, the Companion Beast it transformed into was only similar to Wang Mingyuan, not Wang Mingyuan.

The past ultimately cannot be returned. Zhou Wen sighed.

Zhou Wen put away his phone and was about to head to Destiny Platform when he saw a figure walking towards him.

“How should I address you?” Zhou Wen looked at the person and said with a smile.

“I’m Li Xuan’s eldest brother and your elder brother’s childhood friend. Calling me brother wouldn’t be a problem, right?” the person said with a smile.

“It’s not a problem indeed.” Zhou Wen nodded and wiped away his smile as he solemnly addressed him as brother.

Laughing Li felt a little uncomfortable seeing Zhou Wen so formal. He waved his hand and said, “You are the same as your brother. You’re serious over everything. It’s not fun at all.”

“Brother Li, there’s something I need your help with,” Zhou Wen said solemnly.

“You want to ask about your grandfather, Ouyang Ting, right?” Laughing Li knew what Zhou Wen wanted to ask. He sighed and said, “Back when I swam across Lake Frustration, I did see your grandfather, Ouyang Ting.”

“Is he Holy God?” Zhou Wen asked.

“I can only tell you that Ouyang Ting was already dead when he swam across Lake Frustration,” Laughing Li said bitterly.