Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1891: Boundless

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Chapter 1891 Boundless

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen didn’t understand Laughing Li.

Laughing Li explained, “Ouyang Ting swam across Lake Frustration, and I swam across Lake Frustration as well. That lake is very strange. As long as one has worries, they won’t be able to swim across the lake and will definitely sink. However, how can humans not have worries? They won’t be humans! As far as I know, only two humans have swam across Lake Frustration alive. For that to happen, there are only two possibilities.”

Laughing Li paused for a moment before continuing, “One way to swim across Lake Frustration alive is to abandon your worries. The other way is to resolve them.”

“You chose the second method?” Zhou Wen muttered.

Laughing Li nodded. “It’s impossible for a person to not have any worries, but not all worries can be resolved. The so-called solution is actually to have a clear mind and no worries in one’s heart. In order to have a clear mind, one mustn’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves. A person can die, but not their beliefs. If they are capable of giving up their lives, they naturally won’t be affected by their worries.”

Zhou Wen understood what Laughing Li meant, but how many people in the world could really do something as simple as clearing their minds?

“What’s the price to pay for abandoning your worries?” Zhou Wen stared at Laughing Li and asked. He had already guessed that the former principal might have chosen this path.

‘Abandoning one’s frustrations in the Lake of Frustration isn’t that easy. One has to abandon everything that produces frustrations. However, such an abandonment is equivalent to giving up on one’s past.” Laughing Li said with a bitter smile, “I originally thought that Ouyang Ting and I had taken the same path. Only after I met him did I realize that he took another path.”

Zhou Wen finally understood why Laughing Li said that Ouyang Ting had died when he swam across the Lake of Frustration. Abandoning the past was no different from death.

“So, Ouyang Ting is Holy God now, right?” Zhou Wen sighed.

“Yes, I didn’t know back then either. It was only thanks to your brother. After he met Ouyang Ting, he could tell that Ouyang Ting was no longer the Ouyang Ting of the past.” Laughing Li nodded.

Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else. Even if Ouyang Ting had abandoned his past, in terms of bloodline, he was still Ouyang Lan’s father and grandfather. What else could he say? “You didn’t come to me to tell me this, right?” Zhou Wen said to Laughing Li.

“Of course not. I came to you to get you to help me remove my name from the rankings. You should be able to do it, right?” Laughing Li


“Didn’t you ascend Destiny Platform yourself? Why do you want to be removed?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement.

Laughing Li spread out his hands and said, “I just wanted my name on Destiny Platform and show off. Who knew that this would happen in the end? If I had known that there would be such a Destiny Battle, I wouldn’t have come up here to court death.”

Zhou Wen looked at Laughing Li in a daze.

After a while, he couldn’t help but laugh. “I thought you ascended Destiny Platform to fight for humanity’s future.”

“Bullsh*t. How can a person like me have such noble thoughts?” Laughing Li curled his lips and continued, “Isn’t living well nice?”

“That’s right. It’s easy to remove your name, but it’s hard to say if that person will let you off,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

Erasing the Destiny Platform’s ranking wasn’t difficult for Zhou Wen, who had the Lost Immortal Sutra. However, erasing the ranking didn’t mean that they were uninvolved with the Destiny Battle.

Only one person could survive the Destiny Battle. As long as the people participating in the Destiny Battle were still alive, no one could truly be conferred the title of monarch.

If The Thearch was really determined to be conferred the title of monarch again, she had to kill all the participants, regardless of whether they were on the rankings.

“I know.” Laughing Li nodded slightly. “Before

that, I can at least do something I want to do.”

Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else as he waved

his hand and slashed at Laughing Li.

Zhou Wen didn’t release any might, but Laughing Li’s Cube screen went black. The name on the rankings vanished.

“Brother, thank you.” Laughing Li turned around and left without any hesitation. Seeing Laughing Li leave, Zhou Wen looked

into the distance. His gaze passed through layers of space and reflected two figures-Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting.

The two of them were covered in wounds, but

they continued fighting crazily. Jing Daoxian’s clothes had completely torn apart, revealing his firm muscles. His entire

body emitted a strange aura.

Every strike seemed to point straight to the

source. No matter how the world changed, it didn’t seem to affect him at all.

He was a true destroyer. He ignored all rules

and tore apart all rules.

Ouyang Ting was completely different. He used the rules of the world to the extreme. The power of the entire world seemed to be aiding

him. One defied the heavens while the other followed the will of the heavens. Victory was momentarily undetermined as they were constantly injured in their clashes.

After watching for a moment, Zhou Wen stopped paying attention to their battle. They were all very strong, almost no weaker

than Wang Mingyuan. However, so what if they were as strong as Wang Mingyuan? Wang

Mingyuan had already lost. They still had no chance of beating The Thearch. Zhou Wen looked in the direction of Destiny

Platform and saw The Thearch staring at him.

With a thought, Zhou Wen was about to head to Destiny Platform. This was a battle he couldn’t avoid. Even if he hid at the end of the universe, The Thearch probably wouldn’t let him off. “If you want to go to Destiny Platform, you

have to defeat me first.” A figure blocked Zhou Wen’s path. It was Drought Demon Fairy. “There doesn’t seem to be any grudge between

us, right?” Zhou Wen frowned at Drought Demon Fairy.

“You dug up my grave. If this isn’t a grudge,

what is?” Drought Demon Fairy said indifferently.

“The Zhang family was the one who dug you

I was just a bystander. At most, I was just watching over them. Why aren’t you looking for the person in question? Why me?” Zhou

Wen was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. “People who can’t even ascend the staircase

aren’t qualified,” Drought Demon Fairy said with a smile.

“That’s a little unreasonable,” Zhou Wen said.

“When have I ever been reasonable?” As

Drought Demon Fairy spoke, the surrounding space suddenly rose with terrifyingly high temperatures.

The high temperature completely melted everything, making one see a hellish scene.

Zhou Wen ignored the terrifying high temperature and summoned Truth Listener with a thought.

Truth Listener transformed into the handsome

man in a golden kasaya and stood in front of

Zhou Wen. Its golden eyes stared at Drought Demon Fairy.

At that moment, her entire body was burning

with flames that surged into the sky. The omnipresent flames filled the entire world, wanting to incinerate everything.

Truth Listener raised its hands in front of it as though it was ripping its clothes. It pulled sideways with all its might. The flaming world was like a curtain that Truth Listener tore apart with its bare hands. The flames swept to the sides like curtains.

Truth Listener: Apocalypse grade (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Heaven’s Senses Life Soul: Evil Nullification Wheel of Destiny: Nirvana of Ultimate Hell

Terror Form: Holy Evil (S-grade) Calamity Zone: Evil Breaker (Heaven level)

New World: Boundless

Strength: 9999

Speed: 9999

Constitution: 9999 Essence Energy: 9999 Talent Skill: Truth Listener, Indestructible

Vajra Body, Evil Warding, Nine Extremes Companion Form: Earring