Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1892: I’m Just Me

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Chapter 1892 I’m Just Me

Drought Demon Fairy’s body emitted surging red flames as her fist capable of melting virtually anything met Truth Listener.

Truth Listener’s fist destroyed all strength it encountered-the instant the two fists

collided, the flames over Drought Demon Fairy seemed to be extinguished by water.


Drought Demon Fairy’s body flew out like a meteor and slammed into the ground like an atomic bomb exploding. A huge shockwave rose from the ground like a wave.

Drought Demon Fairy’s strength was clearly far inferior to Truth Listener’s. They were both at the Apocalypse grade, but there was a stark difference in strength.

Truth Listener’s stats were 9,999-the peak of the Apocalypse grade.

Previously, when Truth Listener had just evolved, it had been slapped to the wall by the Devil King like a fly.

This gave Zhou Wen the impression that Truth Listener wasn’t very strong, but the battle with Drought Demon Fairy made him understand that it wasn’t that Truth Listener wasn’t strong enough, but that the Devil King was too strong.

Drought Demon Fairy stood up from the crater. The flesh on the back of her hand had split open, but there wasn’t a drop of blood. Only flames rose from the wound.

She stared intently at Truth Listener. She never expected Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast to be so strong.

As she straightened her back, Drought Demon Fairy’s body burned with red flames again. However, the red flames didn’t envelop the surrounding area but her body. The illusory flames turned into a magma-like red liquid before turning into a red crystal. Her entire body resembled a red crystal statue thanks to the red flames’ envelopment.

Everyone paid attention to the battle through the Drought Demon Fairy’s screen.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to watch other battles, but that the battles elsewhere were not available.

Jing Daoxian and Nameless’s battle resulted in them only seeing all sorts of colorful light. Even the other screens were affected.

Only this side was relatively unaffected, allowing them to see the battle clearly.

The ground beneath Drought Demon Fairy’s feet instantly turned into a sea of magma. It spread out from her with no end in sight.

This wasn’t caused by Drought Demon Fairy’s New World power. It was simply the remnant heat emitted by the flaming crystal when it touched the ground.

“What terrifying heat energy. As expected of Drought Demon Fairy. The description of her flames ravaging the lands is an

understatement…” Zhang Chunqiu praised.

The Zhang family had been guarding against the Drought Demon Fairy for years, so they more or less had some indescribable feelings for her.

An Sheng looked at Drought Demon Fairy and the magma sea beneath her feet and said thoughtfully, “What a pity. If such a high temperature is used to generate electricity, we can resolve the global power problem. Just one-thousandth of the heat energy converted into electricity will be enough to last the world for countless years.”

An Tianzuo smiled and said, “You’re the only person who can think of using Drought Demon Fairy to generate electricity. Her powers aren’t as simple as high temperatures.”

“What is it then?” An Sheng asked in


“The essence of heat is actually a macroscopic manifestation of the movement of microscopic particles. Drought Demon Fairy’s strength is not so much fire but absolute control over kinetic energy,” An Tianzuo said.

“What’s the difference? No matter what the

name is, isn’t it just high temperatures?” An Sheng still didn’t understand.

“Continue watching and you will understand.” An Tianzuo didn’t explain further.

This was because he no longer had the time to

explain. Truth Listener had already appeared above Drought Demon Fairy’s head like a

ghost. It threw a punch at Drought Demon Fairy’s head.

A sneer appeared on Drought Demon Fairy’s

lips as she brandished her fist at Truth Listener


At the instant she threw out her fist, the flames

were like huge lotus flower petals that

retracted layer by layer, enveloping Truth Listener’s body.

The outermost petal was as red as fire. The

first petal became shallower, but it also became

more corporeal.

The layers of petals gradually turned transparent and colorless, but they also turned from illusory flames to crystals. They sealed Truth Listener in the middle of the lotus flower

as though it was frozen in ice. “Drought Demon Fairy can control the

movement of particles, meaning she can accelerate, deccelerate, or even stop particles. When there’s zero movement, that’s probably Absolute Zero,” An Tianzuo said.

Only then did An Sheng understand how

terrifying Drought Demon Fairy was. If all particles were to stop moving, wouldn’t that mean that life would cease? Wouldn’t that

mean death?

“What a pity. Young Master Wen’s Companion Beast is such a powerful Companion Beast. To think it will be killed by Drought Demon Fairy

just like that,” An Sheng said with a sigh.

“It won’t die so easily.” An Tianzuo’s words left An Sheng slightly taken aback. Before he could ask further, the huge lotus flower on the Cube’s screen suddenly shattered. Truth Listener shattered the seal and

punched Drought Demon Fairy’s fist, smashing her down like a nail.

Drought Demon Fairy’s body was smashed into

the magma sea before Truth Listener rushed in without any hesitation.

Everyone saw terrifying magma pillars rise up from the magma sea like volcanic eruptions. Instantly, the magma spewed out. Finally, all the magma surged into the sky like seawater.

The spot where the magma sea was originally located turned into a huge, bottomless pit. The sky turned into a magma sea as though the world had flipped on its head.

In the huge crater, Truth Listener floated in the

air, its blonde hair dancing in the wind. As for Drought Demon Fairy, she lay twisted on the ground. At such a strange angle, all her bones had probably been shattered. “Drought Demon Fairy was defeated just like

that… That Companion Beast is too terrifying…’

“Such strength is truly invincible.” “Strength is above all. In front of absolute

strength, everything is trash.”

“Companion Beasts can actually be this strong?” “Looking at Human Sovereign’s Companion Beasts, and then looking at mine, apart from being gluttonous, this glutton is really inferior to his in every aspect. I have the urge to

strangle it to death.”

Zhou Wen glanced at Drought Demon Fairy on

the ground and with a thought, he unsummoned Truth Listener and turned to


“Wait.” Drought Demon Fairy wasn’t dead yet.

She struggled to stand up, but her bones that

had been shattered by Truth Listener couldn’t automatically fuse. She couldn’t stand up despite struggling a few times.

“Do you still want to continue?” Zhou Wen asked Drought Demon Fairy. “You want to fight that Immortal Thearch?” Drought Demon Fairy asked.

“I have no choice but to fight,” Zhou Wen said


“In that case, please kill me.” Drought Demon

Fairy’s words left Zhou Wen slightly taken aback.

“Why?” Zhou Wen had seen people plead for their lives, but he had never seen someone

wish for death like Drought Demon Fairy. “Your Human Sovereign Stone Saber doesn’t have a soul. I’m its soul,” Drought Demon Fairy said slowly.

“You are the soul of the Human Sovereign

Stone Saber?” Zhou Wen looked at Drought Demon Fairy in surprise.

“Fire is the source of life for humans. The Human Sovereign Stone Saber is the Fire Stone Saber, and I’m the soul of the Fire Stone Saber.

I’m the first flame of humanity that Suirenshi ignited.” Drought Demon Fairy closed her eyes and said, “This body is already useless. Kill me

and sacrifice my soul to the saber. That will make it the true Human Sovereign Stone Saber. Only then can you be considered a true Human Sovereign. Only then will you be qualified to

represent humanity to vie for the position of the dimensional king.”

“I see. However, I’m afraid you are mistaken. There has always been only one Human Sovereign, and I’m only me, not that Human Sovereign.” Zhou Wen turned around and walked towards Destiny Platform, ignoring Drought Demon Fairy.

“You’re finally here.” The Thearch smiled when she saw Zhou Wen walk up the Destiny


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