Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1893: Staked Battle

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Chapter 1893 Staked Battle

“It was only a matter of time.” Zhou Wen stood on Destiny Platform and sized up The Thearch. “There has to be an understanding between us. I lost the last bet, so I want to win it back this time.”

“Typically, those who want to right their losses tend to lose more.” The Thearch smiled.

“I want to give it a try,” Zhou Wen said calmly.

“Then I’ll give you another chance. How about we make another bet?” The Thearch said with a smile.

“How?” Zhou Wen knew that their battle had already begun. At their realm, their words and actions were enough to destroy their opponent, much less a bet.

“Let’s bet on who will win between the two.” The Thearch raised her palm and a mini Cube condensed in her palm.

The Cube disintegrated, and one of the squares flew out. It zoomed in and quickly reached the size of a normal Cube screen like a wall.

On the screen was the battle between Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting. The Thearch wanted to bet on their outcome with Zhou Wen.

“What’s the bet?” he asked with a frown.

“The bet is naturally the throne determined by fate,” The Thearch said indifferently. “This time, I’ll give you a chance to choose. You can choose first.”

“I choose Ouyang Ting,” Zhou Wen said without any hesitation.

In fact, he had no other choice. If the loser of this battle might not necessarily die before they interfered in this battle, then their deaths were a certainty with their involvement.

Even if Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting wanted to give up the battle, there was no chance. They had to fight to the death.

Therefore, Zhou Wen could only choose Ouyang Ting. Otherwise, Ouyang Ting would be dead even if he won. How was Zhou Wen to face Sis Lan in the future if that were the case?

If Zhou Wen really had to choose based on the chances of victory, he would have chosen Jing Daoxian.

However, it didn’t matter. This was no longer a battle between Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting, but a battle between Zhou Wen and The Thearch. It didn’t matter who was chosen.

“From the looks of it, you didn’t have much of a choice when given one,” The Thearch said with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter if there’s a choice as long as I end in victory,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“Then I’m really looking forward to it.” The Thearch glanced at the two combatants and said indifferently, “Since you are the person I chose, you are the chosen one. The heavens will naturally help you.”

When The Thearch said that, Ouyang Ting, was abandoned by the very power that he gained from following the will of the heavens and gaining its help. The power of the world directed itself to Jing Daoxian.

Jing Daoxian cultivated a heaven-defying technique, but with the help of the world’s power, the originally balanced situation was immediately overturned.

The world pressed down when Jing Daoxian threw a punch. Ouyang Ting, who was like a bird in a cage facing a calamity, couldn’t escape the might of Jing Daoxian’s punch. He was about to be crushed to death.

The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign appeared above Zhou Wen. He pointed at the world and split the rules of the Great Dao into two. The power of the world immediately lost its restrictions and dissipated. It no longer favored Jing Daoxian, nor was it usable by Ouyang Ting.

Although the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign had split the Great Dao rules into two with the Dao Sutra’s method, cracking The Thearch’s wish powers, it made it difficult for Ouyang Ting to borrow the power of the world. It was only a matter of time before he was defeated.

With a thought from Zhou Wen, the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign emitted a glorious light. The light passed through layers of space and landed on Ouyang Ting, immediately increasing his combat strength. Furthermore, his body obtained an almost infinite self-healing ability, immediately turning the tides.

The Thearch praised, “Offering yourself to redeem others is greatness. Unfortunately, human nature is evil. So-called good is just self-satisfaction. It won’t end well.”

With the Thearch’s words, the power of Human Sovereign that had augmented Ouyang Ting greatly became a burden for him. It made him

feel like he was carrying a mountain. The self-healing power became a resistance to his


However, in an instant, the power of Human

Sovereign that had augmented Ouyang Ting’s

body switched to Jing Daoxian. All the pressure turned into pressure on Jing Daoxian. “What a great Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping. It’s indeed extremely magical.” The Thearch smiled and said, “However, harming others ultimately brings harm to oneself. It’s karma. One has to suffer the consequences of their evil


The situation changed again because of The Thearch’s words. The Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s strength clearly didn’t land on Ouyang Ting, but the same Human Sovereign’s strength appeared on Ouyang Ting’s body. It became a burden for him and pulled the duo

back to the same starting line. Everyone was already dumbfounded. Powerhouses like Jing Daoxian and Ouyang

Ting were already godlike existences in their eyes. They could destroy a planet with a single


However, these two terrifying powerhouses seemed to be ants that were being toyed with in front of Zhou Wen and The Thearch. Their survival was completely out of their

control. Instead, it was decided by the actions of third parties.

Everyone felt their scalps tingle as they felt

endless sorrow. If a powerhouse like Jing Daoxian suffered such a fate, they were probably even worse than ants.

“This battle is almost giving me depression.”

Xia Liuchuan sighed.

“Now, I understand Wang Mingyuan a little. He didn’t want to be a chess piece and wanted

to be a chess player, but he failed.” Zhang Chunqiu smiled bitterly.

“Cut it out. At the very least, Wang Mingyuan

was a chess piece. We aren’t even chess pieces. We are just the materials used to create chess

pieces.” Xia Liuchuan lost interest in speaking and continued watching the battle. Although Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting were also burdened by the power of Human

Sovereign, Ouyang Ting was still at a disadvantage without the augmentation of the world’s power.

This was why Zhou Wen had previously believed that Jing Daoxian had a higher chance of winning. Ouyang Ting had borrowed power from too many external sources, while Jing Daoxian himself was already a transcendent


“The Thearch, well-played,” Zhou Wen praised. Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign emitted a brilliant light again. When the light shone down, it transformed into a bubble-like shadow that enveloped the area where Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting were fighting. In an instant, Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting’s

Essence Energy were drained as the power of Human Sovereign on their backs vanished. The two terrifying powerhouses who originally had supreme strength suddenly lost all their strength and turned into two mortals.

However, they continued their brawl. They had been fighting like immortals just

moments ago, but now, they were no different from the hooligans on the streets. They

punched and kicked each other and even grappled with one other.

Everyone was already numb from the fight. Such invincible powerhouses were just two worthless lives in the eyes of Zhou Wen and The Thearch.