Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1894: Let Me Give You A Boost

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Chapter 1894 Let Me Give You A Boost

In Courage

Instead of calling the battle between Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting a battle, it was more like a battle between Zhou Wen and The

Thearch. Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting were just tools.

It was no different from the mahjong pieces or the dice on the table.

It looked like the two of them were exchanging blows, but Zhou Wen knew very well that he was on the losing end. From beginning to end, The Thearch had only taken advantage of the situation and hadn’t really used her strength.

Zhou Wen had already pushed the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s abilities to their limits. Even if he continued, he would probably lose in the end.

As expected of The Thearch. She’s still so unfathomable. Wang Mingyuan’s desperate strike failed to pry into her true limits, Zhou Wen sighed inwardly.

“It’s quite interesting this way,” The Thearch said with a smile as she looked at Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting fighting in the bubble. She didn’t give them any further impetus.

Zhou Wen knew very well that even if The Thearch didn’t do anything, Jing Daoxian would definitely win if this continued.

Ouyang Ting wasn’t good at combat. He was better at using all sorts of rules. As for Jing Daoxian, he was experienced in combat. Despite using the same abilities, his combat strength was far above Ouyang Ting’s.

However, under the First Order of Chaos, Zhou Wen could only control Essence Energy. It was impossible for him to have one person possess Essence Energy while the other didn’t.

Thankfully, the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s ability wasn’t just that. With a thought, the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s eyes suffused a demonic sanguine glow.

As the sanguine light in the Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign’s eyes bloomed, Ouyang Ting’s body underwent a mutation. Scales appeared on his body as though he was about to become a demon beast.

His Strength and Speed rapidly increased as his body strengthened. He once again gained the upper hand in the battle with Jing Daoxian. The Thearch seemed somewhat disappointed when she saw Zhou Wen use such a method. “I’ve given you so much time, but you’ve only grown to this stage? From the looks of it, you still lack the courage. Then let me give you a boost.”

The Thearch looked at Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting in battle and said, “What an ugly performance. What’s the difference between them and dogs fighting?”

With The Thearch’s voice fading, Jing Daoxian and Ouyang Ting really turned into two ferocious dogs that bit at one another.

The Thearch’s voice didn’t stop there as she continued, “Humans are ugly. It’s best if all of you don’t remain as humans. Being beasts suit all of you better.”

Zhou Wen’s expression fell as he focused his mind on sensing Earth. Immediately, he turned nasty.

All humans had turned into an assortment of animals because of The Thearch’s words. Be it cows, sheep, dogs, donkeys, pigs, or horses, all these animals were in a panic. Not a single human could be seen.

“It looks like that’s still insufficient courage,” The Thearch said indifferently. “Come.”

A black husky appeared out of thin air in front of The Thearch. No matter how it struggled in the air, it couldn’t escape the invisible


“What are you doing?” Zhou Wen’s expression was extremely nasty as his body emitted divine light as he stared intently at The Thearch.

He sensed Li Xuan’s aura from the husky.

“Giving you a boost in courage.” The Thearch looked at the Li Xuan husky and said indifferently, “A warrior will die for his bosom friend. You can be considered to have died a

worthy death.”

Enraged, Zhou Wen instantly appeared in front

of The Thearch. The Unique New World power

enveloped the Li Xuan husky, putting himself between him and The Thearch as he threw a

punch at her.

The Thearch’s figure turned incorporeal; Zhou Wen’s fist seemed to travel infinite distance

without reaching her.

This was the power of Transcendent Immortal.

However, when used by The Thearch, it was

many times stronger than his. It was as though there was an infinite space between the two of


Zhou Wen’s eyes were firm as steel as his fist pressed forward. He broke through the infinite space and appeared in front of The Thearch. “That’s more like it. Unfortunately, you’re still too weak.” The Thearch pressed one finger in front of Zhou Wen’s fist, preventing him from advancing any further.

“From the looks of it, the courage I gave you

isn’t enough. You still don’t have the determination to abandon everything. You still have scruples.” The Thearch looked at Zhou

Wen calmly and continued, “Then let me help you remove them.”

Zhou Wen sensed that things were going south. He swept his senses towards Earth and saw the human bodies that had transformed into animals explode, turning into bloody mists. It was the same all over Guide Ancient City and

Luoyang City.

Suddenly, a girl’s figure appeared above Earth. The golden holy light on her body illuminated the entire Earth like the sun. Wherever the

golden light went, the humans who had transformed into animals stopped self-destructing.

Sweetie! Zhou Wen sensed the girl’s aura and

was overjoyed.

“Zhou Wen, I can’t last long. Quickly defeat

her.” Sweetie’s voice sounded in Zhou Wen’s


Zhou Wen stared at The Thearch as Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign fused into Zhou Wen’s body like a phantom.

The power of the Ninth Heaven’s Human

Sovereign and Unique overlapped as Zhou Wen’s strength rose like a volcanic eruption.

“You… deserve death…” Zhou Wen’s fist carried unparalleled strength as it pressed down on The Thearch’s fingers inch by inch. “Now that’s more like it.” The Thearch’s fingers also emitted a divine light that resisted Zhou Wen’s terrifying strength. His fist couldn’t advance any further.

Not only was he unable to advance an inch, but

he was also pressed back by the finger. The Thearch still managed to constantly suppress Zhou Wen with just a finger. His straight arm gradually bent.

The volcanic flames on Zhou Wen’s body were also suppressed, pressing back into his body, causing his bones to tremble and groan as though they were about to explode.


A dark purple light bloomed on Zhou Wen’s

body as a purple-robed figure appeared in front of him. The light sent The Thearch

retreating a few steps before she stabilized herself.

“Devil King, you’ve finally found yourself.

You’ve made me wait too long.” The Thearch didn’t look surprised. Instead, her eyes showed excitement.

“You… deserve death…” the Devil King said


“Yes, I do deserve death. I didn’t take that step

because I was waiting for you to kill me.” The Thearch seemed to be extremely satisfied when she saw the Devil King. Her eyes burned as she said, “You weren’t defeated in that battle back then, nor did I win. How can I take that step without defeating you?”

“Then die.” The Devil King looked at The Thearch coldly, her eyes filled with killing intent. She was angry.