Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1895: One Step

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Chapter 1895 One Step

“In that battle, you were already at the end of your tether and I couldn’t win either. Now that we are fighting, we can truly decide who is the monarch of this world. Devil King, you shall…”


Before The Thearch could finish her sentence, a slap landed on the left side of her face, causing her face to jerk to the side. Blood splattered from the corner of her mouth.

The Devil King stood in front of The Thearch and looked at her without a word.

“Today, you shall…” The Thearch shuttled over like a celestial object as she spoke again.


Another slap landed on the left side of The Thearch’s face, causing her face to jerk to the other side. The Devil King was still standing in front of her, looking at her coldly.

“Continue,” the Devil King said coldly as she looked at The Thearch.

“Today… shall… be… the… day… of… your… death…” The Thearch stared at the Devil King and finally finished her sentence.


Nothing happened after she said that other than the Devil King slapping her face again. Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Devil King slapped The Thearch’s face repeatedly, using the front and back of her palm, causing her body to sway left and right, but she couldn’t dodge or escape.

The Devil King finally sent The Thearch flying with a slap and she collapsed on Destiny Platform.

“A half-step Cosmic dares to spout nonsense about Destiny? Do you really think you are the Sovereign of the Universe? How insipid,” the Devil King said expressionlessly as she looked at The Thearch on the ground.

Zhou Wen was dumbfounded. The invincible The Thearch didn’t even stand a chance against the Devil King. It was no wonder Truth Listener couldn’t even withstand a glance.

Even a half-step Cosmic was crushed, much less Truth Listener at the peak of the Apocalypse grade.

“You… have already taken that step…” The Thearch’s face was swollen as blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth. However, her face wore no anger or indignation. Instead, she was very excited. She slowly got up and stared at the Devil King with a burning gaze.

“Is there a need?” the Devil King said indifferently.

“As expected of the Devil King. So you have long taken that step. I’m such a joke. Here was I waiting for you to take that step together. This is good. Very good actually. It’s better than I expected.” The Thearch looked at the Devil King as though she had gone mad. The space around her constantly distorted.

Zhou Wen immediately felt that something was amiss. It wasn’t just the space around The Thearch that distorted. The entire world’s

space began to distort.

No, it wasn’t just spatial distortions. Even time began to distort.

The people who had exploded to their deaths

suddenly revived; the Cube’s screen went haywire; and the battle that had completed replayed again.

In fact, it wasn’t a replay, but that the dead had been revived. Or rather, spacetime had rewound to that moment before their deaths.

On Earth, ancient people who had died decades or even centuries ago appeared on the streets in strange clothes, looking around blankly.

Half of the street was filled with modern skyscrapers, but the other half was filled with ancient wooden houses.

The sun and moon switched spots as the sea rose into the sky. The mountain peaks floated in the sky as the stars circled the sky. The world changed in a way resembling a mirage or a strange dream.

Cracks appeared beneath The Thearch’s feet. The Destiny Platform, which had experienced the wear and tear of countless years on which countless monarchs had fought, cracked.

“Demonic Neonate… We can’t let her continue…” Zhou Wen said to the Devil King.

The Devil King ignored Zhou Wen. Although she was half-Demonic Neonate, she was also

half-Devil King.

She had slapped The Thearch in the face partially because of Demonic Neonate’s anger. She didn’t listen to Zhou Wen because of her

pride as Devil King.

Yes, pride. Out of pride, she didn’t stop The

Thearch from taking that step, nor was she willing to stop The Thearch from taking that step. She just watched.

Aircraft carriers brushed past ancient wooden

boats in the middle of the sea and sky. Ancient fighter jets tore through fireworks before crashing into a building.

The building collapsed, but it didn’t smash into the street beside it because it had already turned into a barren land. Dinosaurs ran across

the collapsed ruins.

The entire city of Luoyang suddenly rose. Another ancient city appeared under Luoyang City. Furthermore, it was still rising. Ancient cities rose up one after another ancient cities that had been destroyed by the river of time. The same situation happened in Guide Ancient City. Cities stacked on top of each other. There were cities beneath cities like skyscrapers. In the ancient cities from different periods, humans wearing clothes from different periods looked at the sky in confusion. They were shocked by the scene in front of them.

“I’ve waited too long for this step.” The Thearch slowly took a step towards the Devil King. With this step, the dimensional

mountains and rivers turned on their heads as

many dimensional domains collapsed. The monarchs of the races who had died previously were also revived.

A sun-like god walked out of the sky and descended onto Inocciduus Divine Mountain with a smile. The Solarians were pleasantly

surprised as they knelt before the sun-like god and shouted “My liege!” in unison.

In the Connate Tomb that buried countless Celestial Thearchs, Celestial Thearchs who had passed away walked out one after another. The

thirteen Celestial Thearchs looked down at the Connate Land.

“Your Majesty…” The Connates cried out in surprise. Some cried tears of joy. However, in the next moment, the gods

instantly turned to dust and dissipated.

With one step, the universe changed.


Just as she took that step and arrived in front

of the Devil King, her face was slapped to the side again.

“That’s more like it. Unfortunately, you’re still

too weak. Do I need to give you any further

boosts in courage?” the Devil King said indifferently as she looked at The Thearch. This was what The Thearch had said to Zhou

Wen. The Thearch was stunned by the Devil King’s slap. She had already taken that step and become a true Cosmic-grade, but she still couldn’t dodge the Devil King’s slap.

After so many years of waiting and scheming,

all of it seemed to be reduced to a joke thanks to this slap.

The Thearch had willingly stayed in Chess

Mountain to keep her promise, but she hadn’t been idle all these years. Chess Mountain was the closest to Earth’s core, and Earth was the forbidden land of ancient

times. It suffered the suppression of the forbidden land in ancient times. Over the years, the insights she had obtained made her stronger than before. She had reached a point where her word was a rule.

A word could change the sun and moon, a word

could defy life and death, and a word could bring things into existence.

She didn’t take that step. She only waited for the Devil King to appear-for that final battle and for the most brilliant moment to take that


She wanted to trample over the Devil King to become king. Only then would she be a true

monarch and be qualified to represent this universe.

However, this slap pricked the bubble that was The Thearch’s endless wait.