Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1896: Newbie Training

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Chapter 1896 Newbie Training

“That’s great.” The Thearch looked up at the endless universe as though she was relieved.

She slowly retracted her gaze and looked at the Devil King in front of her. “I’ve been looking forward to the day we fight again. I’ve been looking forward to a perfect outcome, but I’ve forgotten that anticipation isn’t enough. I thought I had been working hard and preparing, but I neglected a fact. The world doesn’t exist because of my expectations. I sealed myself in a world I was looking forward to and never came out of it.

“Thank you for letting me take the step out. This is the Devil King I want. This is the battle I was really looking forward to.” The Thearch calmed down as she looked at the Devil King and continued slowly, “I was a challenger in the past, and I’m still a challenger now. Devil King, let’s begin again.”

As The Thearch spoke, she was no longer as proud as a god who had everything in her control, nor was she as lofty as a monarch who controlled all power in the world.

The Thearch closed her eyes and crossed her hands in front of her voluptuous chest. She looked like a pious nun praying to God, but also like a priest asking the heavens for a gift.

“I wish that there were no more Immortal Thearchs in this world… I wish that there were no more dimensional monarchs in this world… I wish… I wish to use everything to fight you… I wish to live for this one battle…”

As The Thearch made her wishes, the immortal glow on her body dissipated, revealing her ordinary woman-like figure.

Her figure was like an immortal, but she no longer had any transcendent aura. She was just like an ordinary woman in the mortal world.

Some kind of shackle seemed to crack on her body, making her more and more real.

Looking at the ordinary girl with half the aura of an immortal monarch, the Devil King’s eyes turned serious for the first time.


The Destiny Platform shattered beneath The Thearch’s feet as boulders fell into an endless abyss.

The two of them stood in midair as an invisible force swept through the entire world.


Zhou Wen felt his body being sent flying by the invisible force. He slammed into a planet and exploded it after flying for an unknown


Even someone as powerful as Zhou Wen

couldn’t withstand that terrifying power, much less the other dimensional races.

Countless dimensional creatures were sent

flying by the terrifying force. They slammed through the spatial barrier and were thrown into Earth’s universe.

The other dimensional creatures were fine, but Zhou Wen was severely injured by the terrifying power because he was too close to the battlefield.

Zhou Wen’s body slammed into a planet and finally stopped. He hurriedly got up to take a look, but he saw an unforgettable scene.

The sky was split into two. One half was the starry sky, and the other half was the endless dimensional world.

The starry sky was filled with supernovas. The dimensional world looked apocalyptic.

Everything was disintegrating. Only two celestial bodies of light that resembled the sun and moon emitted unimaginable energy


Under the clash of the Devil King and The

Thearch’s powers, Earth’s universe was separating from the dimension. The potency

could separate the two worlds.

No, the potency was so powerful that it wanted to destroy everything. The two worlds had clearly been separated, but Earth’s universe was still affected by that terrifying power. One star after another exploded.

Even galaxies were instantly destroyed. Sweetie

did her best to protect Earth, but the planets in the Solar System exploded one after another. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus. Stars bloomed with aurora, and these were just a few specks of dust in the countless exploding stars. Stars exploded everywhere in the Milky Way as terrifying creatures rushed out of the exploding


The dimensional creatures that were thrown

into the universe realized that this universe

seemed to be even more terrifying than the dimension. There were extremely terrifying cosmic creatures awakening in the supernovas.

However, the cosmic creatures didn’t attack the dimensional creatures because they were also trembling in fear. Under the terrifying power, the universe was collapsing and shrinking, as though it was returning to the primordial atom when the universe first began.

Devil King… You can’t keep this up… The world

can’t withstand your battle at all… Zhou Wen sent his thoughts to the dimension that had been stripped away, but he didn’t receive any response.

He wanted to rush into the dimensional zone,

but he was repelled again and again. He couldn’t rush in at all.

Sweetie’s strength had already begun to

weaken. Zhou Wen had no choice but to let Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign return to Earth and protect the Solar System with his

supreme power.

That was all Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign was capable of. Just the aftershocks of the power made the Ninth Heaven’s Human

Sovereign have no choice but to resist with all his might.

Cosmic-grade… What kind of power is that? Zhou Wen looked at the dimensional zone that

resembled a mirage. A phenomenon looking like a solar eclipse emitted infinite energy.

The entire universe trembled under the light of the two blazing suns. Countless creatures looked at the two blobs of light in horror. The sun and stars paled in comparison. The universe had an unprecedented two-sun wonder.

Zhou Wen had never seen or heard of a Cosmic-grade before. The Apocalypse grade was already a limit of this world, and the

Cosmic grade clearly exceeded the limits of this world.

It was a power that shouldn’t have existed in

this universe. It was enough to destroy the entire universe.

Ninth Heaven’s Human Sovereign and Sweetie

struggled to hold on. Zhou Wen knew that they couldn’t last long. If this battle didn’t end soon, the entire universe would probably be doomed.

A power that transcends this universe? Zhou

Wen was unable to contact the Devil King, so he had already given up on the thought of dissuading her. He reached out and took out his phone.

He quickly tapped an icon on the phone. It was

the only game dungeon that came with the


When his mind entered the game, Zhou Wen quickly appeared in Ant City.

In the sky above Ant City, the girl-like

Guardian was looking at him calmly. “Are… you ready?” To his surprise, Ant City’s

Guardian spoke. Her voice was cold and heartless, like an electronically-synthesized voice.

“Ready for what?” Zhou Wen was slightly

taken aback as he asked the Ant City Guardian. “Coordinates: Z14. Vitality value: 0.99. Hasn’t reached the standard needed to initiate rookie

training… Discovered abnormal energy fluctuations in Z14 spacetime… Detecting… Z14 spacetime is on course for destruction…

Estimated to be completely destroyed in the four main universe hours… Emergency procedures activated… Rookie training activated… Please complete the rookie training in four main universe hours… Opening the door to the main universe…”