Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1897: The Only Choice

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Chapter 1897 The Only Choice

After Ant City’s Guardian said that, she suddenly moved, appearing in front of Zhou Wen like a ghost and striking his head.

Zhou Wen’s figure vanished as he moved through layers of space. He was in a constant instant transmission state, leaving behind afterimages everywhere in Ant City.

However, the Ant City Guardian’s palm still struck him. Zhou Wen raised both hands to meet it as his Unique New World power surged.


Zhou Wen and the Unique New World were shattered by the Ant City Guardian’s palm. His vision went black as he was kicked out of the game.

The words “Failed Rookie Training” appeared on his phone. Zhou Wen entered the game again. Ant City’s Guardian was still there.

When he entered the game in the combat suit, everything felt more realistic. However,

because he died too quickly, he hadn’t had a chance to take it all in.

Zhou Wen knew very well that the Strength and Speed of Ant City’s Guardian far exceeded his. She was likely a Cosmic-grade that he wasn’t. She could kill him with just her Strength and Speed.

Death didn’t discourage him. Instead, he was overjoyed.

What he wanted was Cosmic-grade power. Only by advancing to the Cosmic grade could he participate in the battle between the Devil King and The Thearch and stop them from destroying the entire universe.

The rookie training on the phone wasn’t prepared for him to begin with. He hadn’t reached the standard required to activate the rookie training. Now that he had activated it by force, the only way was to have a


Ant City’s Guardian struck out with her palm again. Zhou Wen knew that it was impossible for him to dodge. He couldn’t even instant transmit. It was useless no matter how fast he


Fight it out? It was even more impossible. The might of Ant City’s Guardian’s palm could destroy the universe. The peak of the Apocalypse grade was ultimately inferior to that strength.

Since I can’t dodge or fight her head-on, I can only borrow her strength. Zhou Wen struck out at the Ant City Guardian’s palm, but this palm contained a suction force that drew upon Ant City Guardian’s power.

However, the moment their hands came into contact, Zhou Wen’s palm shattered. His arm and body exploded as he died before he could use the borrowed strength himself.

“Failed Rookie Training…”

Standing in front of Ant City’s Guardian again, Zhou Wen chose to take the initiative to attack. All his strength transformed into countless sword beams that poured towards Ant City’s Guardian like a galaxy.


The sword beams that filled the sky shattered as a palm grabbed Zhou Wen’s head and

crushed it.

“Failed Rookie Training…’

He failed again and again. Zhou Wen changed his powers and combat strategy every time, but the outcome was surprisingly identical. He couldn’t even withstand a single strike from Ant City’s Guardian. This was an absolute suppression.

At the end of the day, the Apocalypse grade was still within the Mythical stage.

The stages of Terror, Calamity, and Apocalypse were only at the Mythical stage, but Cosmic had already exceeded the Mythical stage.

The repeated deaths didn’t discourage him. Instead, he kept improving in terms of

Strength and Speed.

He could also raise his Strength and Speed

using the battle’s pressure.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast or strong he

was, he couldn’t withstand the palm of Ant City’s Guardian.

This won’t do. No matter how I improve, they are ultimately within the rules of this universe. As for Ant City’s Guardian’s palm, it can

destroy an entire universe. Therefore, no matter how strong or how fast I am, it’s useless. Only by exceeding the rules of this universe can I block that palm. Zhou Wen already knew the reason for his loss, but how could he surpass the rules of this universe? He was born and raised here. He was a part of this universe, so how could he transcend it? Zhou Wen thought of the Devil King and The Thearch. Their strength had already exceeded the rules of the universe. They were undoubtedly at the Cosmic grade. He didn’t know how the Devil King’s strength exceeded the rules of the universe.

However, The Thearch had previously demonstrated very well. She used her wish to

shatter the rules of the universe. While abandoning herself, she also abandoned the

universe that gave birth to her. At the same time, she also gained independence. That was already a very clear path. If Zhou Wen

wanted to take that path, he had to use his New World power to resist the power of the universe. When the New World power exceeded

the rules of the shattered universe, he would advance to the Cosmic grade.

However, if he advanced to Cosmic like this, his strength would be the same as The Thearch

and the Devil King. Once he unleashed his strength, it would have a huge influence on the


The battle between the Devil King and The

Thearch nearly caused the universe to collapse.

If he participated in the battle, it would only speed up its collapse.

If he advanced to the Cosmic level like that, it would be no different from a failure. This was also the path Ant City’s Guardian had

pointed out to him—he was to advance to the Cosmic grade before the universe was destroyed. From there, he could open the so-called door to the universe and head to the

main universe.

That way, Zhou Wen could live, but his family

and friends would be destroyed with the


Perhaps the Devil King and The Thearch could

survive, but the others would definitely die.

No, that’s not my path. My path has never changed. What I need isn’t destruction. Zhou Wen looked at the Ant City Guardian’s palm

that struck again as the power of the Unique New World erupted again.


Zhou Wen’s body shattered again. He had failed


Zhou Wen didn’t enter the game again. He

stood in the cosmos and sensed the universe that was about to be destroyed. The stars exploded as the universe collapsed.

Every creature fled in fear. Even the cosmic creatures flew around like frightened birds. The entire universe was within Zhou Wen’s perception, but he suddenly retracted his gaze. This universe was just too big. It was so big

that it was unreal. Zhou Wen’s gaze constantly converged.

Supercluster, galactic cluster, Local Group,

Milky Way Galaxy, Gould Belt, Local Bubble, Local Interstellar Cloud, Oort Cloud, Solar System, Earth, East District, Guide Ancient


His vision constantly narrowed and focused before finally landing on the familiar faces. Ya’er, Wang Lu, Li Xuan, Ouyang Lan, Zhou Lingfeng, An Jing, Zhang Yuzhi, Feng Qiuyan, Ming Xiu, Qin Zhen. One familiar face after another flashed through Zhou Wen’s eyes. Zhou Wen suddenly came to a realization and understood why he had always rejected advancing to the Apocalypse grade using the Lost Immortal Sutra’s path and why he insisted on advancing to the Apocalypse grade in an imperfect form.

That path represented destruction and rebirth. Without destruction, there was no construction. The birth of a new universe meant the death of an old universe. Advancing to the Cosmic grade meant creating a new universe, and the New World was actually an embryonic form or seed of the new


This seed absorbed nutrients in the old

universe and germinated. It grew to a point where it could replace the old universe. It basically meant the old universe’s doom.

Of course, there were strong and weak, big and small universes. A powerful universe might give birth to a few new universes, but it might not completely perish.

However, this universe had already given birth to the Devil King and The Thearch. If he used

this method to advance to the Cosmic grade, would this universe be able to withstand it? Or would it immediately collapse? Zhou Wen didn’t dare or wish to take the risk.

Why must something be destroyed before it can be created to form a new universe? This universe gave birth to me and raised me. There are people in this land who gave me life, and there are also people I cherish. No matter how imperfect it is, no matter how ugly it is, no matter how scarred it is or how close it is to death, this is the most perfect world that I want in my heart. It is also my only choice. From the moment I was born, this was already destined. Zhou Wen looked up as his eyes gradually became firm. The power of the Unique New World spread out and gradually fused with the shattered universe.