Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1994 Lmperius Avallonis! Ll

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Chapter 1994 Lmperius Avallonis! Ll

The future was murky in this direction as Noah couldn't yet decide on the usage of the Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seed.

He needed to obtain more information and gaze upon the innumerable paths where he utilized this seed for the Decretum of Avalon or saved it for the hard to trek and boundlessly fruitful Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics that would grant him the Mana Heart!

So gaze upon the myriad paths he would.

After all, he had arrived at his current stage in mere days. He could at least take a day or two to stabilize himself as he focused his Will in the Avalon Dimension and dealing with the powerful existences within it!

And during this juncture, the remaining prompts for the completion of the Avalon Dimensional Reality flowed down.

<Your rate of Progression in the Decretum of Avalon has increased by 1,000,000%>

<The saturated Paramount Kainos Avalon Dimensional Reality grants a base addition of 200,000 Dimensional Dream Damage and Defense Values, bringing your Overall Origin Base Value to 450,000.>

<Your Affinity to the Natural Laws of Reality has risen greatly!>

<Your Affinity to the Decretum of all Dimensions has risen greatly!>

<Your Maximum Number of Ascendancy Stanchions is now 500.>

<The elevation of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique has been affected by the dense essence of Avalon and has undergone an even greater mutation.>

<Your Dimensional Body and Soul are undergoing fundamental changes.>

His figure was bathed by stellar gold, verdant, and a Royal purple light as he looked like a connate treasure forged in the Age of Fortune!

His body glistened as his very molecular structure itself continued to transform, while his soul turned into waves of plasmic aurora that went to bathe every part of him.

His Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique continued to change as he expected its elevation to actually finish this time as it wouldn't be influenced by too many things in the next day.

This would cause his number of Reality Passages, Damage and Defense Values, and much more to elevate to even more profound levels.

Over 550 Reality Passages were already formed, with the Second and Third Dimensional Layers being filled up as their limits had still not been reached!

300 were contained between the First and Second Dimensional Layers as above the Prana Dimension, once could see 250 mountainous Passages of light gushing dense reserves of essence all around.

Paired up with the golden pillars of light that were the Stanchions, the geography of this Dimension was a cluster of Cosmos, verdant islands, mountain ranges of stellar Reality Passages, and fantastical pillars of light shining green and purple!

It was simply magnificent and serene, and it promised boundless power!

At this very moment, Noah was using Concept Amalgamation to combine TABOO Edicts and form new Stanchions, the number of formed ones going past 350 at this time as he went to fill up to the limit of 500.

He would do this and entrench them all into his Origin as it was building up to be something even he didn't know the limits of.

If just the completion of the Third Layer gave him power in the ranks of Suzerains, what exactly would he have attained on the 9th Dimensional Layer?

It was a question for the future, and he would continue to ponder on how to best continue this path he forged as now- the focus of his will went towards the Avalon Dimension.

Towards the 75% Understanding in the Decretum of Avalon that meant he could grasp its Absolute Avalon Authority!

Noah had to truly understand what this authority was as for this…the silent Lavalliere began to speak.

<The Absolute Authorities of Dimensions are unique, with some Dimensions holding Authorities much more unique than others.>

Her voice was melancholic as it was seemingly traversing through time and gazing upon the past.

<The Absolute Dream Authority was one of the strongest among the 9 Dimensions due to its uniqueness of turning Dreams into Reality. Other Absolute Authorities could alter Reality, but not to the extent of Absolute Dream Authority as our Dimensional Rulers were many, and we were powerful.>


<So powerful and so unique that when the Empyral Deceiver attained power, it was one of the first Dimensions he targeted as he is partly the reason for my current state!>


Noah silently listened while thinking about the past.

When he first came across Lavalliere, she didn't even wish to mention the name OPPENHEIMER and even advised him to do the same!

Just what terror and power had this being displayed that even after he was long gone, powerful beings were still careful when it came to him?

<Now, the Dream Dimension isn't at its peak as it doesn't have as many Rulers as it did in the past, but its Authority still remains the same. The Absolute Avalon Authority will also be able to alter Reality in its own way as it should hold its own unique capabilities.>

Lavalliere finished with this before she went silent.

Noah's will focused on the Avalon Dimensional Chassis holding the Sword of Avalon and harmonizing with it as in the surroundings, more and more auras arrived.

Morgana had risen up to reclaim her grandeur of a Dimensional Ruler as Guinevere floated in front of her, the aura of Dimensional Ruler Arthus appearing at this time nearby as around the Lake…the Avallonis Beasts that were roaring and howling began to kneel and bend while looking at the raised Sword of Avalon!

Whether they were giant stellar worm-looking Avallonis Charybdis or serpents, Dragons, or any number of different Avallonis Beasts…they all felt the resonance and harmony of the Sword of Avalon as they began a ritual.

A ritual to recognize the holder of this sword who could command those on Insula Avallonis and potentially all of Avalon!


Their chests vibrated as their jaws released a unique sound- a sound that beautifully melded with the resounding symphony of triumph and wonder.

From their glorious roars and howls, two words began to resound as they paid their respect and recognition.




Simultaneously and with a magisterial symphony, Avallonis Beasts began to call out.

Imperius Avallonis.

It could directly be translated to…Emperor of Avalon!

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