Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1995 Imperius Avallonis! Lll

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Chapter 1995 Imperius Avallonis! Lll


Vibrant shouts echoed out as Avallonis Beasts paid their respect to the Avalonian Emperor.

To the Emperor of Avalon!

And such a scene wasn't left alone as the commotion this time had spread far and wide.

The strongest Avalonians within the Avalon Dimension were informed that the Sword of Avalon had designated its owner!

At the center of the Lake, the beam of regal purple light was beginning to recoil into the dazzling Sword, and with its recession…came the confluence of multiple powerful auras from all directions.

From the 12 Domains of Avalon, the most powerful ruling forces were rushing towards Insula Avallonis the moment that the Sword was pulled from Stone, and they arrived just in time to see the blinding light die down…just in time to see the being behind all this!


The Decretum of Avalon surged as the auras of multiple Nature Integration Realm Avalonians and a few hundred Suzerains surged in from multiple directions.

In one direction, the massive form of an Amethyst Phoenix could be seen as its body was bathed in purple flames.

In another direction, a Heliotrope Lion Emperor with a mane of raging Royal purple flames around its head gazed down coldly!

A Plum Qilin…a humanoid Tree of Avalon…10 Dimensional Rulers apart from Enchantress Morgana and Dimensional Ruler Arthus appeared as their eyes and wills were locked onto a single being.

The one that the Avallonis Beasts called out to as the Imperius Avallonis!

But their eyes retained their coldness as from their senses, they could deduce that at most…this existence was at the level of a Suzerain.

At the stage of having formed a Haven.

They had to heed and consider the words of such a being?


Essence crackled and sundered as among the many gazes, only the Tri-Pupiled eyes of Guinevere were serenely looking upon all oncoming beings and shining brilliantly as she observed all of them locked onto the Imperius Avallonis bringing down the Sword he had been raising to the skies this whole time.

Noah's hand felt extremely heavy when wielding the radiant sword in his hands.

Only by coursing the Essence of the Decretum of Avalon as well as the elusive wisps of the Absolute Avalon Authority in his hands did he manage to even move it around!

And as he felt the oppressive gazes and senses of many newly arriving beings, he actually tuned them out.

Atop the Stone at the center of the Lake where he just pulled out the Sword of Avalon, he sat down domineeringly while pointing the tip of the blade back onto the crystalline stone, swinging down as the blade sank in a few inches while his will surged into it!

His will surged into it, but his eyes gazed at the vibrant surroundings and the Avallonis Beasts kneeling towards him.

Before he overcame the oppression and power of the terrifying beings that surrounded him, he had to somewhat understand the Sword of Avalon in his hands as during this process of harmonization, its information surged into his mind!

<Sword of Avalon>:: An Absolute Connate Dimensional Relic born from the heart of a Dimension. Its formation occurred many Ages ago, but its purpose and capabilities were directed and affirmed at the end of the Age of Destiny when the Latent Will of the Avalon Dimension sensed the pathway towards Cataclysm open. Its purpose is to strengthen the inhabitants of the Avalon Dimension as a whole as the fitting wielder would lead the Dimension away from the path of Cataclysm. The wielder of the Sword of Avalon is granted the titles Connate Avalonian Commander and Imperius Avallonis as when branded by the Relic, their Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon would instantly be raised to 75%, with a full understanding of the Decretum only being a matter of time as you harmonize with the Relic. As the Connate Avalonian Commander, the holder of the Sword of Avalon is also granted the capability of knowing the hearts of Avalonians, their brief history, pertinent thoughts, and allegiance to the Avalon Dimension. As the Imperius Avallonis, you can command the Avallonis Beasts within Insula Avallonis, including the Nature Integration Realm Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast- Guinevere, to an extent. Through the Sword of Avalon, Absolute Avalon Authority can be directly utilized in conjunction with the Essence of Reality to activate the features of <Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast Physique Refinement>, <Imperius Command>, <Valor of Avalon>, <Dimensional Siege>, <Eyes of Avalon>, and <Sacrifice> by the Imperius Avallonis. This Relic was a tool forged by the hearts of Avalonians, and for the hearts of Avalonians…


A fairly simple description yet grand in its content!

Nothing else had to be said about the worthiness of this Sword other than the fact that Noah could utilize it to command a Nature Integration Realm expert…to an extent!

As for what exactly that extent was, Noah had to find out.

But this tool exceeded even a boon as ridiculous as that.

It held astounding features he had yet to delve into, but their names alone said too many things!

Especially the feature of <Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast Physique Refinement> meant his Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique would eventually be getting yet another round of modifications.

And all of these features…would be activated through the Absolute Avalon Authority and the Essence of Reality.

? The Essence of Reality that he held a base 800 Million of, but with the unique Augmentation of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics that on top of the boosts to True Vitality, Damage, and Defense Values…it also augmented his resource reserves! With the 10% in Manadynamics, it meant a 100% boost as his body held the capacity of 1.6 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality as with this number, he hoped the utilization of these features and even his Annihilation Techniques would be a walk in the park.

But…the Sword of Avalon went even further past all this to grant Noah the capability to view the allegiance of all Avalonians, their brief history, and even their most pertinent thoughts!