Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1996 Lmperius Avallonis! LV

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Chapter 1996 Lmperius Avallonis! LV

Allegiance, history, and pertinent thoughts.

This alone was terrifying as it didn't differentiate between LEGENDS or Nature Integration Realm existences.

This…was the tool Noah would utilize to make sure he survived the Challenges and Ordeals that were to come!

Since he was not sufficiently strong enough to peer into the parallel paths of Nature Integration experts as they could discern him as well, he would utilize the Sword of Avalon to directly understand his current situation and how to navigate it.

So he grasped the Sword of Avalon tighter.


Authority and blinding light began to leak out from it as Avallonis Beasts at the level of Suzerains came to attention, Noah's eyes opening to fully gaze at all those around him!

To the Suzerains and Dimensional Rulers here, they saw an entirely different scene as the holder of the Sword of Avalon had regally sat atop the crystalline stone, the Sword expertly controlled by him to sink into this stone as his gaze was undaunted while he stared at everyone here.

Thereafter, the Sword of Avalon began to shine with a robust authority as it put all beings on high alert!

Their eyes couldn't help but inscribe the devilish charm and wonder this being displayed, where he certainly played the part of a mysterious Emperor…but how would his demeanor be?

How would he act while the pressure of 12 Dimensional Rulers bound down towards him alone?

They waited to see, and they were bound to wait for a few seconds as the Imperius Avallonis said nothing- only turning his gaze around the whole area as he fearlessly took everything in.

This was how it looked to others, but to Noah…

Everything around him had changed into a world of colorful lights!

Above the heads of all Avalonians, he could see their names…and all names were bordered by a radiant color.

All of the Avallonis Beasts held radiant borders of purple and gold surrounding their names.

Going past them, he could see borders of White with a tinge of purple…and even borders that were crimson!

He instinctively knew what each color meant as White was neutral, Purple Gold were those he could command, and Crimson…were shockingly enemies.

His calm gaze landed on the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast- Guinevere who stood in front of the Enchantress Morgana and was watching him emotionlessly.

Above her head, her name shockingly shone with a vibrant purple gold that was only less radiant than the Avallonis Beasts that were calling out his name.

A powerful Nature Integration existence…was one that he could command! Well, this was to an extent as the borders around her name were not as vibrant as they could be!

This was her allegiance.

When Noah focused on her history…

<Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast- Guinevere>:: A unique existence that has accompanied the Sword of Avalon since its conception. She knows its capabilities as she cautions you from gazing upon her history and thoughts…


Noah's eyes flashed sharply as his Tri-Pupiled eyes locked with the Tri-Pupiled eyes of Guinevere!

He could read what the eyes were trying to say as he marveled at such a being, turning his gaze behind her where a difficult expression could be seen on Morgana.

The hand holding a staff trembled ever so slightly with a surge of emotions as she stared at him, with her name being bordered by white light as her allegiance was neutral!

Towards this being, Noah focused on her thoughts as the Sword of Avalon released a vibrant light.

['Why him? Even now, I could crush him with my fingers…what makes him more worthy than I who has protected these lands for billions of years?!']

The frustration and unfairness could be felt from the thoughts of this being as Noah couldn't help but smile.

Why him?

This was something that wouldn't just be within the thoughts of Morgana, but widespread amongst all others!

If he didn't display and show the powerful beings in the surroundings why he was the right fit, this Clone might just lose its life. So…he would move to twist this play with him in the lead.


The Sword of Avalon buzzed.

After a few seconds of deafening silence where nobody spoke, the holder of the Sword of Avalon spoke while remaining seated in a grand manner!

"There are enemies surging in from all directions."


Instead of boasting or talking about his qualifications, he actually began in an entirely different direction as his Tri-Pupiled eyes shone, releasing a light that transformed into an illusory screen that displayed a scene from the Dream Dimension!

The eyes of Guinevere and the other Nature Integration Realm existences flashed as they locked onto a gray-scaled winged Scorpion.

"The deadliest ones are the Abominations that are at this moment decimating the Dream Dimension."

In the image, Dream Essence avoided the bounds of this creature as it showed the chase of a terrified Suzerain, and eventually the effortless death of this Grotto Haven existence no matter what he defended with!

Even as his figure threw out DHARMIC and HERESY Tier abilities, the Scorpion Abomination was unphased as its stinger bypassed everything and caused the utter dissolution of this Dream Suzerain!


The surrounding Grotto Haven Realm experts became solemn as the eyes of Nature Integration existences flashed.


Noah said this word slowly as he tapped on the Sword of Avalon, his purple hair waving wildly as wisps of Absolute Avalon Authority laced over it!

"They can mostly ignore the Essence of Natural Laws and the Decreta as if any part of their bodies come in contact with you, expect the dissolution of your Origin."


His words were sharp and piercing as he replayed the scene of a Suzerain dying so simply to an Abomination over and over again!

"This is just a single Abomination, there are no doubt countless more under the command of Primordials. Whether you have formed a Haven or integrated the Natural Laws themselves will not matter as facing these enemies alone will no doubt guarantee death. And that…is where I come in."


Pristine authority flashed as Noah rose from his seated position.

Authority flashed as he stood while placing both his hands on the hilt of the Sword, his gaze moving from one Dimensional Ruler after another as he spoke out the next few words slowly and clearly!

"Against such creatures…I know how to face them, and how to kill them."


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