Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2008 Restructuring! II

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Chapter 2008 Restructuring! II

Noah drew Silent Killer coldly as <Infernal Hypersol's Kiss> was cast.

The resource cost was something negligible now, but Apollyon essence converged as its effects were much different compared to the previous arrows he drew!

When the string was pulled back, it didn't seem like a crimson black arrow was being formed as instead, it was akin to the formation of a sharp blade of judgment that was ready to lay to waste whatever its target was.


Infernal Hypersol's Kiss released a buzzing droning sound as Noah closed his eyes and pictured the image of a single being, the Essence of many Decreta and Natural Laws flowing into this attack as he released the bowstring.


The arrow was shot as it began to cross the folds of space.

Soon afterwards, the string on Silent Killer was pulled back again as for overkill, the area of effect <Bombardier of Perdition> was also cast.

The Nightwalker.

This was the name that he was known by as he walked beneath the shadows of Nightmares and Dreams to achieve shocking results.

His motto was to always lay low and only reveal himself when he absolutely had to, and it was why even with a Destined Absolute Dimensional Relic, he remained hidden while only utilizing it when he had to!

The goal was to not stand out and make any enemies too powerful for him to handle before he achieved Nature Integration.

Alas, the weaving of destiny did not follow the wishes of a single being as no matter how hard one tried, they would never be fully capable of controlling their fate.

The cloudy humanoid nightmarish form of the Nightwalker remained massive while he grasped the Absolute Nightmare Sword that released a powerful domain which wrapped around his remaining Legions.

He had commanded all Legions to closely cluster around him in order to protect them as they were even between the folds of Reality and Dreams to try and retreat into the Dream Dimension temporarily, but the attacks always followed them!

And now, they had stopped in the last few minutes as even in the tense state that the Dreams and Nightmares were in, they still looked around cautiously while not letting down their guard.

But this few minutes period…only caused the Nightwalker's heart to feel constricted.

As if something was tightening and closing in around him!

He trusted his instinct as even though he didn't have any other source of information, his essence blazed as his Haven spun.

Rings of Halos rotated wonderfully as bundles of Reality pulsed, wisps of Absolute Dream Authority even being called upon as the Absolute Nightmare Sword shone with brilliance.

"Dream Protecting Bastion."


A radiant circular shield of light bloomed to cover all of Nightwalker and the Legions around him as over half of his Reserves of essence were burned to bring it to fruition.

Dream Protecting Bastion. A defensive skill meant to protect and keep alive one's dreams and aspirations!

By instinct, the Nightwalker had cast this as not even a moment later, his scalp began to tingle as he raised his head up in shock.

Above the newly deployed Bastion, a titanic visage of an arrow coiling with crimson black tendrils of Apollyon descended with judgment and damnation.

It raged with such power and destructive hatred that the moment it came in contact with the Dream Protecting Bastion, the golden shield burst open like a bubble as it continued smoothly forward!

That Bastion…was the equivalent of over 10 Trillion Defense Values as it was the Nightwalker's strongest defensive skill that he could cast through the Absolute Nightmare Sword.

And it was shredded apart like nothing as such a reality bore shocking implications.

It meant an outstanding being capable of tremendous damage Values amongst Suzerains had made a move against him.

His nightmarish heart burned with unwillingness as he wanted to bellow out- Who?!


His Innate Dimensional Barrier protected him from 3 Trillion Damage Values.

His True Vitality Values were wondrously above 17 Trillion.

Would they be enough to withstand an attack that had shredded past 10 Trillion Defense Values of the Bastion like nothing?

The Nightwalker wouldn't wait to find out as he raised the Absolute Nightmare Sword and bellowed out- pulling together every wisp of essence that he could gather!


The bellow of an Imperial Nightmare Oneiric that had lived for too long was filled with emotions of life and dreams as he met what seemed to be a crimson black sword of judgment and not even an arrow head on.


Raging waves of destruction exploded out as even though it was a single target attack, any existences in the closest proximity of the Nightwalker were shredded out of Existence.

Essence storms raged as the fabric of Reality felt strained, utter chaos and destruction blooming in this region as shockingly, the Obsidian humanoid form of the Nightwalker wavered shakily while grasping the Absolute Nightmare Sword!

His many nightmarish eyes blinked in shock and fear as he felt his Innate Dimensional Barrier decimated as if it didn't exist, the Absolute Nightmare Sword taking on some of the Damage as even with all this- the single attack had taken his True Vitality Values all the way from 17 Trillion to below 1 Trillion!

His Origin creaked and felt strained as before he could even rise to collect himself…


The Suzerain saw the flashing light of yet another arrow flash from above.

This was even more expansive than the others as it reminded him of the silent attacks he had seen that covered a wide region.

An area of effect ability, the Bombardier of Perdition that only dealt 50% of the normal Damage due to its area of effect!

And yet when it came, the Nightwalker knew that even this was too much at this moment in time as even though his hands tried to grasp and raise the Absolute Nightmare Sword up, he couldn't.

The Bombardier of Perdition arrived and bloomed- causing an incandescent mushroom of crimson and black death to rise as it covered the Nightwalker and his Legions.


A deadly and beautiful scene played out as there was nobody to appreciate it- a magisterial level of destruction displayed wantonly as the shockwaves reverberated out for light-years!

The destruction raged for quite some time before calming down.

When everything ended and the void cleared, all that was left behind was a glimmering Absolute Nightmare Sword.

No Haven stood within the cracks of Reality and Dreams.

A fairly powerful Haven was instead toppled on this day as even in his last moments, the Nightwalker could have never imagined that his demise was from an enemy that ran away from him just hours ago.

Apart from the Absolute Nightmare Sword, only the prompts that came into the mind of a single being remained!

<Absolute Loot Authority is activated>

An authority that granted Noah what he needed the most.

What exactly did he need the most now?

Obsidian red-bordered prompts came down to show him!

<+10 Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas have been attained.>

<+10 Universal Decretum Crystals have been attained.>

<+10 Universal Nature Crystals have been attained.>

<+10 ZENITH Quintessential Bloodline Enhancers have been attained.>