Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2015 Guinevere L

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Chapter 2015 Guinevere L

The purple hazy skies of the Avalon dimension were tinged with a cerulean color as a dazzling array of blue suns of flames surged forth.


Like a barrage of high-speed bullets, they folded the space they passed through as the Saintess of Fiery Damnation could be seen laughing with even greater excitement- smoke coming out of her hands as she stopped not too long after she began!

Her eyes twinkled with a light of interest as she then watched the targets of her attacks.

They were few in number as the vast majority of them were not traitors.

But they were existences at the level of Suzerains!

They had a fantastical power, and yet the balls of flames that burned hotter than even the core of a Grotto Sanctum appeared before their eyes silently and en masse.

The innate dimensional barriers of these beings were merely a few trillion, and their True Vitality values could range around 5-10 trillion.

So when the attacks of the Saintess of Fiery Damnation arrived, everything about them was instantly shredded as the thrown-out attacks were too precise!

There wasn't a point of conflict and nor was there even any resistance when the terrifying balls of flames bloomed before their faces- they were only entirely evaporated as a cross the Domain that used to be under the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, five areas shone with incandescent blue light as it meant a targeted Enemy of Avalon was facing judgment.

As each flashing light meant the death of a Grotto Haven existence under the hands of Noah.

The surge of loot came ever so speedily.

<+50 Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas have been attained.>

<+50 Universal Decretum Crystals have been attained.>

<+50 Universal Nature Crystals have been attained.>

<+50 ZENITH Quintessential Bloodline Enhancers have been attained.>

As the prompts rolled in, the Saintess of Fiery Damnation lost her gaze of excitement as she found no more targets and actually turned back to Noah while pointing towards the vast domain before him that was the size of multiple Grotto Sanctums.

She seemed to be pointing towards the many masses of beings on it as after eradicating those that Noah had deemed the targets, she was questioning- What about the rest of them?

Her cerulean eyes blinked innocently as if she was asking about the most normal thing.

Noah only smiled while shaking his head as there were many reasons for him to do what he was doing, and as the sword of Avalon did not show any more enemies in this domain, he would not kill anymore!

But…there were multiple other domains for him to visit. There were many more relatively weak Grotto Haven existences for him to farm. These were the beings that would build his base and foundation of the resources required to form his next dimensional layer.


So he bellowed out as after killing the Nightwalker just moments ago, the allure of taking down relatively weak Grotto Haven existences was not that high. The only thing he looked forward to were the prompts of the fantastical loot that came with them!

The Avallonis Beast he sat on began to move, a sea of others following behind him closely as the visage of the Saintess of Fiery Damnation gazed at the things around her with expectations while waiting to return, her figure fading away soon after.

While Noah began his cleansing of the enemies of Avalon, events continued to propagate all around him.

Of particular interest this time around were the events in the Dream Dimensions!

The figure of Bjorn dove even deeper into the domains of this halcyon Dimension as he brought along a terrifying Legion of Abominations- and nothing could stand in his way!

Like a sharp spear the torque across everything it came across- all those at the Ultima Strata and below were wiped out as those in the Grotto Haven could only last moments longer.

Such a disruption would not be left alone as soon after, the terrifying aura of a Nature Integration existence descended.

It was the image of an old man whose body seemed to be made of incorporeal sand as phased in and out of existence- his shriveled hand holding a white staff made of one of the oldest trees!

This ancient-looking man boasted immense power in the golden skies as he gazed at the stretch of the Empires and Domains of the Dream Dimension laid to waste before him.

The gray-scaled Abominations were raging through it with an aura of destruction as nothing could stop them, and there was a single humanoid existence who stood in the midst of everything and seemed to be in total control!

The distinguished existence released here by the Tribunal itself!

The old man's eyes twinkled with a knowing light as he did not waste a single word and made a move right away.



He spoke a single word.

But this word was filled with Absolute Dream Authority as it caused the area around Bjorn to begin to compress and collapse within itself!

The capability to turn dreams into reality!

One only has to have the dream and then visualize the effect in the outside world- they didn't necessarily need an attack or a specific skill as they could relay their intentions and make what they wanted to come true!

Existences at the level of power as this old man had reached a state where they could say a simple word to achieve their means.

But this time around…


Multicolored light erupted around Bjorn's figure as the essence of the Natural Law of Electromagnetism blazed with fervor- this law nearly completely understood by him as he first tried to resist the pressure of a Nature Integration expert alone!

His figure looked untouchable and valiant, but he shook his head soon after as a lustrous gray light shone while multiple Abominations appeared around him.

The terrifying effect of Absolute Dream Authority lessened greatly after this point until Bjorn's own body could withstand what tried to suppress him.

He had not yet achieved the stage of Nature Integration.

He may be close to it- but it was not yet achieved! And yet this being was actually withstanding the might of a Nature Integration expert while utilizing the terrifying abominations he controlled!

Bjorn's right hand flickered with light as he gave the command, and the Legion of Abominations surged forward and tried to entrap one of the few powerful Dimensional Rulers remaining in the Dream Dimension.

The gazes of these Beasts were filled with apathy as the very structure of the Dimension destabilized when they passed!


A terrifying battle with reality-shattering results began here as with the passage of time, even more battles would bloom in the vast Dimensions and Realities!