Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2016 Guinevere Ll

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Chapter 2016 Guinevere Ll

As battles that would define the Age of Quintessence began in the Dream Dimension, Noah visited a few domains in the Avalon Dimension that belonged to the Traitorous Dimensional Rulers.

Any Grotto Haven existence who was deemed to be an Enemy of Avalon perished under his hands as he experimented on all the unique changes his skills could undergo with Absolute Pure Mana Output.

At this moment, he was in the last domain as he observed the destruction left behind by the Assassin Emperor of Severance.

The figure of this skill that stemmed from Sever was enshrouded in a smoky blue cloud that moved extremely fast, his hands grasping pulsing cerulean Sickles that smoothly cut across the arduously forged Havens of Suzerains with ease!

There were only 7 more Suzerains deemed as enemies in this domain that fell under the Magenta Abyss Sea Dragon, and Noah watched all 7 perish under the chains of Sever without being able to put up much of a fight.

His True Damage Values exceeded the approximation of 40 Trillion currently as weakened Grotto Haven existences would not be able to withstand his barrage of attacks.

With these 7 included, Noah had taken down a total of 48 in all the Domains he passed that were deemed as Enemies of Avalon and knew of the links between Lilith and their Dimensional Rulers. This meant 480 Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas and much more!

It was enough to achieve many things.

So after he bulldozed through them, he chose to quickly make his way back towards Insula Avallonis, the tide of Avallonis Beasts moving with him like an incandescent cloud in the royal skies.

This was because he could feel the time of the completion of the Decretum of Avalon getting ever closer!

And once it did, many prospects would open up!


A spatial light flashed in the skies that covered Noah and the Avallonis Beasts, carrying them back towards Insula Avallonis as something even more critical was about to bloom here.

Within the depths of Insula Avallonis.

The beings at the peak of power of this Dimension were at the very center gazing upon a shackled and bound Heliotrope Lion Emperor whose face and gaze were downcast- yet still holding the reality of a Dimensional Ruler!

Dimensional Ruler Arthus and the others surrounded this powerful existence they knew as a brother and a friend, the Wizard of Avalon, Merlin- standing in front of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor as he sighed once more while drinking from the chalice.

<I've confirmed multiple times. He wasn't placed under any mental enticement or spell as what he has said is true. He followed the Dimensional Deceiver of his own will.>

His Royal purple robe shone with a dazzling light as a staff pulsing with Absolute Avalon Authority lay beside him freely.

The gaze of this existence that had lived for Billions of years seemed genuinely tired at this moment while gazing at the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, at his friend he knew as Emerillon!

"Why has the mood fallen to such a state since I left?"


Spatial waves flashed out as while wielding the Sword of Avalon, Noah appeared near the Lake of Insula Avallonis as tides of Beasts settled behind him.

His gaze was locked on the Heliotrope Lion Emperor as he spoke, the Sword of Avalon swung over his shoulders as he walked freely in a camp filled with powerful beings who could eradicate his clone if they made a move!

The gazes and Wills of these powerful beings also locked onto him as the ancient-looking Merlin was actually the one to reply while sipping more golden liquid from his chalice.

<You're a confident one, aren't you?>


Words tinged with power and tiredness echoed out as towards this being, Noah simply nodded while walking forward!

"It is because I have the capabilities to back it up."

With grandeur that seemed to match that of the Dimensional Rulers before him, Noah walked amongst them calmly while going towards none other than Guinevere!

This was because out of all beings here, the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast that was connected to the Sword of Avalon was the one he had any support from.

<The Sword of Avalon is not your capability. It is something from Avalon itself.> Beside Guinevere, Morgana spoke with a hint of defiance as Noah actually turned towards her with a smile, ignoring her comment and reading the mood of the surroundings before he spoke.

"I know that the Heliotrope Lion Emperor is someone you all share great history with, but as an Enemy of Avalon…he has to die. What he conspired with Lilith-"

<We know what he conspired.>

For the first time in what seemed forever, Noah was actually interrupted as wondrously, it was from the one being he didn't expect any opposition from.

It was from Guinevere.

Her eyes were serene and without a hint of emotion as she came to stand directly in front of Noah, her fair lips opening once more.

<We have listened to his reasons and why he pledged his allegiance to Lilith, and it is true he is the Enemy of the Dimension. I will make it so that you can grant him his death…but only if you can promise me one thing.>


Her cold eyes were full of seriousness as Absolute Avalon Authority surged around her!

Noah's eyes turned sharp as the reading of destiny or even the gazing of a myriad of paths through <I Am the Main Character> would not aid him here.

What promise did this existence that held great power in the Avalon Dimension want?

<I need your promise that in the future, you shall not ally yourself with the Dimensional Deceiver. That if you kill the one who follows her, she has to receive the same designation and treatment as an enemy, otherwise all of this would be for naught!>


The words resonated with power as the very lilac grasslands below them trembled.

Lilith…as an ally or enemy?

Noah's eyes shone with sharpness at this as he asked with calmness.

"Why would I make the Dimensional Deceiver into an ally?"

Someone that he was wary and careful of at this juncture.

To make a promise to remain her enemy in order to kill a Nature Integration expert? This wasn't a loss!

<Because of the same reason why three Avalonian Dimensional Rulers pledged allegiance to her. Her aim is to stop the coming Cataclysm of the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Dimensions, where she wishes to attain the Seat of the True Emperor and cut off any sources of influence over the 9 Dimensions. What I do not wish to see is an Avalonian Ruler perish because he is an ally of Lilith, and then down the road…we end up joining hands due to goals being aligned.>


The Heliotrope Lion Emperor and the other two Traitorous Dimensional Rulers were extremely old existences. They wouldn't make their decisions lightly as to follow Lilith, they truly believed in her ability and prospects of truly attaining the Seat of the True Emperor in this Age!

"This was what you were worried about?" Noah's calm face lit up with a devilish smile of authority at this as as while feeling the very breath of this existence in front of him, he spoke out affirmatively.

"The Dimensional Deceiver is bound to be an enemy as our goals are in no way aligned."


"Anyone gazing upon and trying to reach the Seat of the True Emperor can only be my enemy that I will have to step on at the end of it all, this…I can promise you."