Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2035 The Point Of Death And Rebirth! L

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Chapter 2035 The Point Of Death And Rebirth! L

<Multiple Clones under you have advanced in the Hero's Journey as they are entering the [Point of Death and Rebirth]>

With glorious crimson gold borders, such a prompt appeared before all of Noah's bodies as his eyes turned utterly cold and somber.

The Point of Death and Rebirth.

For him, this concept was so far away and one that with all his plans- he should never come across!

The only time he could have considered himself following the path of the Point of Death and Rebirth was with the Devilish Unveiler who had shattered the very initial stages of his Infinite Reality.

The existence that had caused him to return back in time and change things to a different result.

Since that time, he always thought of multiple plans and contingencies in case plans failed- so he never truly expected to be pushed to the point of Death and Rebirth!

An example was the influx of multiple Abominations instead of one in the Dream Dimension.

He has already set in motion plans to bring the forces of Avalon into the Dream Dimension even before this change unfolded as when it did happen, he simply brought this event forward as he expected to extricate himself out of this situation!

But the weaving of destiny had changed again.

The waves of Providence took a different direction as even with all this, the Point of Death and Rebirth still came!

It meant disastrously powerful beings at the stage if Nature Integration were involved…or Legions of Abominations as these were the only things that could currently kill Noah.

He had to find out more information.

So the Will of his Main Body took control while a Mirror Dimensional Reality Seed bloomed to form a Fourth Dimensional Layer.

His Will surged with power as <I Am the Main Character> was activated, with Noah focusing on the <Point of Death and Rebirth> as he wanted to see just what this would entail!

In many stories, the death was metaphorical as the Hero would experience immense loss of those he cared about as he was broken down mentally, physically, and beaten down so hard until their very purpose was brought into question.

And at their lowest point.

At the stage of immense loss and grief, a powerful Rebirth would bloom as they became something their past selves could not compare to.

Their resolve would be stronger than ever as they would vow to never lose anything they cared about ever again!

<Fuck that.>


Noah's will raged as he spoke with unyielding authority.

Even if conceptually, he was the Quintessential Kainos Emperor.

Even if Death of Clones would hurt his authority greatly, it would still not permanently harm him in the long run…he still did not wish to see it come to pass!

I Am the Main Character was activated.

Noah set the parameters as after the words of Guinevere, he set to omit any information he would attain if a Nature Integration expert was actively involved in it.

If such an existence was gazed at…they could gaze back at Noah and attain even more information about him!

So he simply wanted to see about himself.


A portion of Noah's consciousness was drawn out as he was taken to another scene entirely.

? <<...The skies of the Dream Dimension did not hold their bright golden grandeur any longer.

The waves of sandy gold below were abysmal and lifeless as waves of deathly gray light covered everything.

In the midst of all this, the purple clad Avalon Dimensional Chassis wielded the Sword of Avalon as this Relic alone pulsed with an aura of Nature Integration after he utilized its hidden feature!

The Dream Dimensional Clone protected its back as its golden robe had lost some of its luster.

Both Clones did not maintain their usual luster as they had each already triggered <In the Darkest Hour>!

Their power had increased exponentially while having less than 25% True Vitality Values, but it still wasn't enough against them.please visit .

Even though he was gaining profound epiphanies in all this, it was still much too late as traversing across time against the very fabric of Reality that existences had bound themselves to was nigh impossible.

The Hidden Features of the Sword of Avalon couldn't aid him out of this deathly nexus event.

The presence of Avalonian Dimensional Rulers could not aid him as even they were fighting for their own lives right now!

The newly forged Forms of Annihilation Techniques…even they weren't enough.

The enemies were first powerful, and then there was a great number of them. This combination made it utterly deadly as even with high output abilities based on pure mana, it still wasn't enough to withstand waves of enemies that rejected the very fabric of Nature!

The only choice he saw was possibly the formation and completion of the Sixth Dimensional Layer as he would begin to integrate Decreta and Natural Laws.

But even this was too late.

The enemies did not follow the script.

They did not send weak followers in small amounts every time as the first force they sent was the strongest.

With methodical precision and power, this was the result.

The very fabric of the Dream Dimension was being torn apart as this Anchor that held down the Desolate Mausoleum was now accelerating towards an Apocalypse!

And he could only watch all this happen as a swarm of Abominations neared….>>


The Excerpt under the <Point of Death and Rebirth> finished as Noah's eyes retained their unyielding somber light.

This…was a possible pathway.

A decent chunk of information was missing as unknown existences were labeled <Them> instead of their identities being revealed, and this meant these existences were those leading the Abominations!

It meant extremely high-ranking Primordials were making their way over as apart from the Grotto Haven Suzerain that just appeared before Noah in the Boss Room, it meant someone above him was coming.

The only answer were those at the Nature Integration Realm- and multiple at that as it was labeled them!