Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2036 The Point Of Death And Rebirth! Ll

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Chapter 2036 The Point Of Death And Rebirth! Ll

If many of the cards that Noah had pulled out didn't work, it simply meant he had to play different cards.

If the path that would play out would follow the sequence of plans he had now, he would simply have to make a different set of plans!

If the Annihilation Techniques that he was currently finishing their design didn't grant a significant edge…

<Scrap the current Third and Fourth Forms of the Annihilation Techniques.>

His voice boomed out with authority as he began by overturning his strongest techniques!

He would design and forge even more ridiculous ones and see how the path would change.

And if the two Clones weren't enough…


His will sent out commands as the 2 Clones in the Apollyon Dimension halted their movements.

The Prana Dimensional Chassis also rose and bloomed with verdant life in the Dimensional Holy Land as even across the folds of space, it was ready to join the battle!

The clone in the Mirror Dimension had relayed a sense of this dangerous situation to Katelyn as after she heard it…

"Let me try and reach out to my Mother. It's something that may not lead to anything or even if aid comes, it may be too late- but the Dimensional Rulers of the Mirror Dimension are powerful."


He pulled upon many strings!

The problem remained a matter of time as Noah believed if he could fully understand some of the newest loot he had just obtained like the Golden Forge and the Failed Modus Operandi of Reality Integration, he could fully turn this situation around!

But time was something he wouldn't be given.

So after all these preparations, his Will became pronounced once again with the Avalon and Dream Dimensional Bodies in the Boss Room of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

The Avalon Dimensional Chassis turned towards Guinevere and the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers as he spoke out solemnly while gazing at the visage of Bjorn and tens of Abominations surging around him.please visit .

"This battle would have already been arduous enough, but it is about to get even more perilous. Nature Integration Primordials are on their way.. likely with even more Legions of Abominations."


Morgana raised her brows with unreadable emotions while Guinevere's eyes squinted carefully, her head eventually turning upwards as she seemingly tried to read the skies- Noah's voice continuing at the same time!

"See if you can spurn any more of the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers to come and help. And you…"

He also turned to the Old Dreamer who had his carefree expression wiped as he also seemed to have sensed something, the Essence of Providence swirling with even greater concentration around him as his gaze was turning sour.

" might already be discerning it, but I have seen a possible path for the future. Whatever force is coming here is not just targeting us- buy the entirety of the Dream Dimension. I saw the golden skies and vibrant sandy dunes of this domain gray and lifeless as this whole Dimension was accelerating towards an apocalypse!"


"So whichever forces of the Dream Dimension remain…any other Dimensional Rulers- I would suggest calling for them to make their way here."

Domineeringly and without thinking, Noah spoke to Nature Integration Realm experts in a way he wouldn't have before, his words carrying a tone as if he was talking to peers instead of untouchable existences!

And it was something that didn't go unnoticed!

With the initial preparations out of the way, Bjorn was able to observe things more intricately and notice the minute details.

Details like the two hazy figures that were standing between the majesty of multiple Dimensional Rulers!

Details like the fact that the two of them seemed to have identical body structures to the very regal robes they wore, the only difference being their adornment of purple and gold.

And even more of a wield detail…was why one of them would be sitting on a throne while Nature Integration Realm existences stood up!

Bjorn's intuition instantly lit up with alarms as he focused on these two beings, especially the one holding a radiant purple Sword of Authority that his experience and knowledge about the Avalon Dimension caused him to affirm that to be the Sword of Avalon.


Absolute Gravitational Authority surged around Bjorn as he focused it on his eyes.

The hazy light around the two figures faded as every detail about them became clear.

The intricate details on the Sword of Avalon became clear!

And when Bjorn gazed upon the identical faces, he had to blink a few times.

It wasn't that the faces reminded him of anyone, but it was the disposition and the unyielding gaze of these eyes that instantly reminded him of a young genius he had given advice to in the Empyral Domain of Nature- a genius that had actually grasped an initial understanding of Manadynamics!

'That can't be.'

Bjorn shook this ridiculous thought out of his head and refocused on the situation at hand.

He didn't know that after Noah had been so easily recognized by Lilith in the Avalon Dimension, the Heart of Destiny was spurned to hide more than just his information and workings of destiny as now- it naturally covered him with a hazy light that even if beings pierced, they would see whatever identity that would not leak Noah's True identity!

Beings like Guinevere and others that Noah had introduced himself to with the face of Alexander would continue to see him as Alexander.

Beings like Bjorn that were designated as enemies would see him with an entirely different face as even with utmost confidence, Noah did not yet feel the need to let others know he was rising up!

After all, even now his Clones were being threatened with the Point of Death and Rebirth.

So Bjorn saw another scene entirely as while focusing on the scene ahead, his mind buzzed as he felt an aura he was all too familiar with.

<We are here.>


The voice of his teacher.

The voice of a Tribunal Ruler!

The voice of a Named One!

But…did he say we?

Such words caused genuine surprise within Bjorn as at most, he expected Tribunal Ruler Aegon to send one or two more Legions of Abominations.

But himself, and possibly other Tribunal Rulers?


Essence began to surge wildly as the very atmosphere of the surroundings changed.

The Old Dreamer, Guinevere, and other Dimensional Rulers along with Noah felt the arrival of new auras outside of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

Two prominently powerful ones that caused their gazes to turn somber, and even more dreadful was the radiant color gray.

The gray color was like a sea that surrounded the golden monolith of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon as it promised utter Cataclysm and destruction!