Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2040 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! Ll

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Chapter 2040 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! Ll

The change occurred too quickly.

A moment ago everyone was waiting with tenseness, and another moment after a massive blue domain filled with flames of Absolute Fundamental Authority surged and roared everything within it with a terrifying Gravitational force!

This wasn't all as when one closely looked at the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg, they would see that it wasn't just one domain.

The difference was thin, but one could distinctly notice two boundaries as the collective powers of the Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkrieg rotating around reached over 250 Trillion due to the overlap!

And these weaponized cerulean Infinity symbols normally cost 100 Million Units of the Essence of Reality to bring to fruition as with Noah's Absolute Connate Reality Engine, the cost was nothing.

So he filled the domain with as many of the Lemniscate weapons as possible as he began to see Initial results. It was the result of the enemies scrambled as when the Abominations were hit with the Essence of Absolute Pure Mana Output- their unbreakable scales actually began to peel!

So long as Noah didn't perish, these established domains would continue to have their cost paid for and remain as eventually…these bodies of Abominations would be broken down enough to affect their Origins!



At this moment though, a loud harrumph echoed out as the auras of two Nature Integration Realm existences bringing with them an army of Abominations tore apart the veils of space and appeared.

Shining with grandeur and majesty, a man and a woman stood side by side as the bronze skin of Aegon shone in the light, his visage and that of the woman beside him being utterly unique and different from other Nature Integration experts as these were Tribunal Rulers!

The moment they arrived, Aegon took in the scene as he focused on the many Abominations and the figure of Bjorn being pulled by a Gravitational force in a cerulean domain- his hand changing into a claw filled with Absolute Fundamental Authority to wipe this domain when…



Fearlessly, the small figure of Guinevere appeared right before the two of them.

Her eyes were serene and filled with power as her body exploded out with the same Absolute Fundamental Authority, the visage of the Old Dreamer and Dimensional Ruler Arthus also appearing to her left and right as each of them made a move!

Massive tendrils and chains of Absolute Fundamental Authority tore across space and surged out like snakes towards Aegon and Althea as their eyes remained calm.

With a gaze of disdain, Althea's visage was covered by a stellar golden light as a ring of Celestial light bloomed from her, a faceless amalgamation of an Astral Primordial appearing as it was wrapped in Absolute Providence Authority- being utterly massive and having over a thousand stellar golden hands!

Hands that glimmered with cosmic sharpness as their palms moved to rain down from above mercilessly and push everything away- the figures of Guinevere, Old Dreamer, and Arthus changing their expressions and having to face this authority together as it was too dense and too concentrated compared to what they released!

This left Aegon free to move again as nobody spoke.please visit fr𝚎e𝒘ℯ𝗯𝗻𝗼ν𝑒𝗹.𝒄om.

Only battle erupted as with a cold gaze Aegon's finger pointed down as the surrounding sea of gray Abominations surged forward, their Bodies lighting up together and coming down to dispel any authority as with such a large force of them- even the authority of Manadynamics may just be destabilized!

He then pointed down with his other hand as his single finger shone like the brightest sun.

It released 5 points of light that were filled with Absolute Entropic Authority that erupted to form the visage of the Dragon Phoenix, Reality Ursidae, Infinite Willow Tree, Astral Humanoid, and a Royal Humanoid that shimmered with a crimson light.

Massive, titanic amalgamations of the Pure-Blooded Primordial Lineages that were formed from pure Absolute Fundamental Essence surged down along with hundreds of Abominations as they promised utter and complete destruction!


And this was when the cry of Morgana bloomed out.

5 Nature Integration Realm Beasts bloomed around her and moved under her command as they released different forms of Authority towards the coming waves of gray light, with Merlin and Galahad reinforcing her as the Wizard of Avalon grasped his staff tightly- his whole body blooming with life force as he began stretching out to form a Royal purple ancient tree with countless branches filled with Absolute Avalon Authority!

<Druidic Arts of the Age of Life.>


Utmost chaos.

The battle had barely begun as everything was in shambles- but the one unique thing that could be seen was that the newly arriving Tribunal Rulers came with an oppressive force and power that instantly pushed the opposing party into a heavily defensive position.

And this was before the Abominations gully joined the fray to show their repulsive power to reject the very laws of Nature!

But…would they freely get the chance to do so?

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>.


From the west, an enigmatic voice boomed out as in an instant of a hundredth of a microsecond, another magisterial cerulean domain bloomed as its border slightly overlapped with the two central cerulean domains.

At the center of the domain- another one of Noah's Clones could be seen gazing at everything with utmost coldness as this wasn't all!

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>.

Another voice boomed from the eastern direction.


<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>.

From the southern direction!

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>.

And another voice also resonated in the northern direction behind the grandiose figures of Aegon and Althea as a fantastical scene showed itself!

6 fantastical cerulean domains established themselves as they covered the whole battlefield, dreadful infinity symbols that surged with Absolute Mana Authority filling all of these domains as they spun across it with a terrifying Gravitational force that dragged around all the selected enemies within!

Multiple of Noah's Clones appeared as he was implementing a solution to this Point of Death and Rebirth.

He was going all out.

He was going to rely on many tools as the Heart of Mana would be at the core- with this tool allowing him to do what made him more exceptional than any other beings.

It was a tool that would allow him to spam!