Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2041 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! Lll

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Chapter 2041 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! Lll

Constantly shifting.

These were the two words that could best describe the current situation within 6 layered Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg, with hundreds of Abominations being swirled around the shocking Gravitational pull that was transformed from the law of Gravitation through Absolute Pure Mana Output!

But there were a few beings that remained unaffected.

Some were Guinevere and others in this chaotic battlefield that were considered allies- Noah not applying the effects of his skills to them as the others were the two Tribunal Rulers!

Just…why were they termed Tribunal Rulers?



The massive amalgamations of the Pure-Blooded Primordial Races made from Absolute Fundamental Authority stood behind Aegon and anchored him in space- the Astral Humanoid behind the calm Althea doing the same.

As if to announce themselves, Aegon began to talk at this moment even as Abominations were swirling around the cerulean domains filled with infinity symbols that were smashing into them and continuing to chip away at their gray scales.

His sharp eyes honed in on the figures as the center of the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg as he came to focus on the golden and purple figures- more specifically the Avalon Dimensional Chassis!

<The great legend of the Sword of Avalon led to a child who hasn't even integrated with Nature to wield it?>

His words were fast as not even a tenth of a microsecond had passed while he began to speak, his brows raised in ridicule as his eyes turned to Guinevere and the other Dimensional Rulers.please visit 𝒇r𝙚𝙚𝓌𝙚𝑏𝙣𝑜𝘷𝗲𝑙.c૦m.

<Because such a child picked up the Sword of Avalon, he had led you here. Something that gave me a chance to come here personally to grant you all death and advance our plans forward. For that…you have to thank your reliance on ridiculous legends that mere Latent Wills forged.>


As he spoke, his body began to blaze with maddening power.

The Absolute Entropic Authority that formed Pure-Blooded Primordial Lineages held back Guinevere and the others as at this juncture, the Old Dreamer spoke out in a hurry as his expression changed!

<Stop him!>


An existence proficient in Providence spoke out in alarm.

He could feel something that others might not yet be able to feel.


From Guinevere, a draconic cry erupted out as both Absolute Mana and Entropic Authority surged around her- and she actually shot back towards Noah's direction as she unfurled into a majestic dragon!

Morgana's figure became surrounded by her Enchanted Nature Integration Beasts as Arthus became adorned in titanic pure crystalline purple armor!

All others began shielding themselves in some way as they felt a heart throbbing sense of danger erupt at this moment from nowhere!

But the culprit was clear.

<Let me show you.>

While locking his gaze on Noah, the Tribunal Ruler spoke while raising his hand and moving even faster than a hundredth of a microsecond.

From his raised hand, a massive, radiant, and reality shaking gray sword appeared.

Its instant appearance caused space to be ripped and torn as Aegon grasped this sword tightly, pure force surging from his hands as he turned it towards the ground below and pressed down.


A terrifying gray light shone as the Sword came down, cutting apart the skies and golden earth of the Dream Dimension as if it were butter and sinking in up to its hilt.

Thereafter, he twisted the gray sword.

A simple twist while it was sunken into the golden earth as thereafter…


Jagged rifts began to emanate from its location as they spread extremely wide- rifts that covered the skies and earth alike as they screamed of destruction and Cataclysm!

They covered the layered-down cerulean domains and spread through them as well- as if the whole area had turned into unstable fissures mountains as even the Boundary of the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg was affected.

Affected and torn as with Aegon at the center, a revolting authority from a weapon that shouldn't exist rejected everything and utterly desecrated the surrounding fabric of reality.

Its quality was similar to the Abominations but enhanced, with its job as an ultimate weapon being singular!

To tear apart and decimate the very fabric of Reality!

This…included Fundamental Natural Authorities.


The very fabric of Reality was torn and rendered apart like paper in the surrounding lands as even the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg were affected, their cerulean shine dimming as they became torn just like the fabric of Reality.

After all, it was an ability that was still structured within Reality itself.

If something existed that could eviscerate Reality itself, then even these domains wouldn't hold.


The explosion was far-reaching as it contained no essence of Natural Laws, but after the gray light faded, the Essence of Entropy, Strong and Weak Nuclear Force, Relativity, Manadynamics…every single natural law that formed the surrounding space chaotically moved around as a deadly scene revealed itself.

The visage of Aegon and Althea was pronounced as the former rose up towards the same height again, wielding the radiant gray sword in his hands as he gazed around coldly.

With him at the center, rifts in the fabric of Reality spread out as they weren't yet healing.

They crossed all regions and decimated everything, ripping apart the laid down domains as the Gravitational forces that swirled the hundreds of Abominations disappeared and they regrouped!

Bjorn's figure was filled with wounds, but even he managed to come out due to the grace of his Master as he came close to the Tribunal Rulers.

Guinevere and the other Dimensional Rulers had solemn faces as they withstood the terrifying attack, their authorities torn and rejected as everything was instantly reset!

The fee Insula Avallonis Beasts that had followed Noah through the portal…

Cried out weakly as some of them had already perished.

Guinevere was wrapped up with the dual essences of Entropy and Manadynamics as she stood before Noah, her purple scales showing small gashes all over her scales as the two Noahs behind her were protected.

And if even Guinevere had her scales penetrated, one could imagine the wounds on the other Dimensional Rulers!

And at such a juncture, prompts began to appear in the eyes of a certain being.

<In the Darkest Hour has been activated for your Prana Dimensional Chassis.>

<In the Darkest Hour has been activated for your True Sanguine Clone.>

<In the Darkest Hour has been activated for your True Sanguine Clone...>

The health of Noah's Clones not protected by Guinevere had their Innate Dimensional Barriers eradicated along with the Celestial Lich's Armament of Devotion as even their True Vitality Values were brought down below 25%!

In a single attack by a Tribunal Ruler- all Dimensional Rulers were put into disarray as Noah's Clones nearly had all of their health wiped out!


<The Defense and Damage of all Clones that have entered the state of [In the Darkest Hour] have exponentially increased.>

<Clones at 20% remaining True Vitality Values have their Parameters boosted by 1,000%>

<Clones at 10% remaining True Vitality Values have their Parameters boosted by 3,000%>

<You have begun to resonate with the fabric of Reality around you as the pace of attaining epiphanies and increased understanding of Natural Laws and Decreta has significantly increased…>

Prompt after prompt came as Noah made a terrifying decision.

'Disable Vitality Regeneration.'


He made a dangerous decision.

But to survive what was coming…it had to be made!